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Contact Centre Privacy Compliance and Productivity: Security Experts Publish Research-Based Model on Current and Emerging Contact Centre Issues

Privacy compliance, security, productivity and overall performance are all issues faced by today’s ultra-competitive contact centre industry. After 3 years of research, a Toronto consulting company has produced the latest insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by Canadian contact centres.

Toronto, Canada, June 02, 2007 --( Informatica Research, a division of Toronto-based Informatica Security Corporation has published “30 Contact Management Issues That Impair Growth, Global Competitiveness and Privacy Compliance.” The ‘white paper’ is available from the company’s Web site and can be downloaded in various formats. To supplement the research, Informatica is presenting the research findings through industry associations and is offering, for a limited time a comprehensive in-house executive management seminar.

Informatica Research project manager Osvaldo A. Guzman contributed to the study and has worked with contact centres in diverse industries: “Contact centres play an indispensable role in today’s world, but without proper management, we see them teetering on the brink of disaster, silently suffering from shared challenges and problems.” Mr. Guzman is part of the C2M2 team that works with management to remedy issues in real-time by working with contact centre staff at all levels, especially management.

Capability gaps in contact centre management account for the majority of effectiveness, privacy and security issues. In successful cases, a standard approach that embraces best practices, project management methodologies, enterprise risk management and enforced policies contributes to a working environment that reduces stress, increases productivity, decreases absenteeism.

In cases involving serious compliance, security and confidentiality issues, an improvement of over 80% was noted over the 6 month period following the adoption of management and employee education, shared policies, improved monitoring and effective control implementations. Informatica has taken this considerable knowledge and incorporated it into its Contact Centre Management Model, dubbed C2M2, now available to organizations across Canada and abroad.

Informatica founder Claudiu Popa is a security expert with deep expertise in telecommunications technology and contact centre solutions. His focus is on bringing C2M2 awareness to call centres that operate globally. “We believe that’s where organizations are seeing the best return on investment from contact centre economies of scale, unfortunately we are also seeing the biggest opportunity losses, inefficiencies, security problems and privacy irregularities as organizations ineffectively manage contact centres around the globe.”

“30 Contact Management Issues That Impair Growth, Global Competitiveness and Privacy Compliance” can be found on the Informatica Web site listed below.

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