Lead Management for Small & Medium Business: LeadPrime

A recently launched product Lead Prime, the Sales Pipeline Monitoring system for SMEs in India and abroad, has become a hot tool for most of the small & Medium business owners looking to improve their Sales force and perform an efficient lead management. This is a collaborative tool for Sales pipeline monitoring.

Hyderabad, India, April 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Lead Prime is a web based tool that can be used by any business to efficiently monitor the sales teams and give right attention to the Leads. Most business owners realize that the heart of any successful venture is generating leads and efficiently converting the prospects to customers. Developing a system to perform this end to end sales process is a challenge for any business. Lead Prime plays a very key role in establishing this as a built-in process very easily for any business.

The website, available for more information is http://www.LeadPrime.com, has content addressing solution that exists for small and medium-sized businesses keen on utilizing more robust features than basic lead list logging and assignment. Lead prime is an innovative solution that was successfully launched after recognizing the struggle to manage the Sales teams by many business owners. They strongly believe that this product can fill the gap and help businesses make informed decisions.

Lead prime is a web based solution that is,
· Affordable to use
· Easy to use and No training required
· Manage your Sales teams and Leads from anywhere
· Role based and hierarchical security helps to protect the data and secure the information
· Dynamically generated management reports and dashboards
· Easy to customize by business domains

With tight competition in most businesses these days, it is the level of Lead management with streamlined Sales process that determines their success. Lead prime assists in this process in many different ways to win your race.
Marketing Admin
Venu Sammeta