New Research: HidroxⓇ Inhibits E. coli and Reduces Neuroinflammation

While nutraceuticals and dietary supplements are coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny, both in the United States and Europe, for what is perceived to be a lack of verifiable scientific research supporting their claim to beneficial health effects, CreagriⓇ Inc., and HidroxⓇ--its patented formulation of olive polyphenols rich in the potent antioxidant Hydroxytyrosol - continue to achieve new scientific advancements on the road to producing healthy consumer goods.

Hayward, CA, April 28, 2012 --( According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (Apr. 17, 2012) consumers seek solutions to their health needs with proven clinical outcomes, backed by sound scientific evidence and reproducible test results.

In this area the dietary supplement industry falls short of the mark. For example a recent NBC Dateline report highlighted the problem of under-reported levels of selenium levels in some liquid vitamin products, and the practice of “dry labbing”, whereby a company claims to have done scientific research with its product when in fact, the research has been done by another institution with a similar ingredient or with a different product altogether. A spike in dry labbing claims was registered recently when the EFSA (the European Food Safety Agency, analogous to the FDA in the United States) announced that it was allowing claims relating to the beneficial effects of olive polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol in the prevention of LDL oxidation. Many companies promoting olive derived products quickly claimed this finding as their own while in reality very few may be able to show any study, let alone clinical trials, done with their product. This is not the case for CreAgriⓇ Inc., which starting in 1999 has conducted and published in peer-reviewed journals a number of human clinical trials and laboratory tests with its products, HidroxⓇ and OlivenolⓇ plus. These studies are not only in the cardiovascular arena, but also in other inflammation driven conditions such as psoriasis, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and neuroinflammation. Furthermore, EFA’s established minimum daily dosage of 5mg hydroxytyrosol came as no surprise to CreAgriⓇ. In fact, this was the daily dose of hydroxytyrosol that was adopted by the Tokyo Vascular Disease Institute and at the University of Arizona in two ground breaking clinical trials with HidroxⓇ where a formulation of OlivenolⓇ, 2 capsules/day, containing a total of 600 mg of HidroxⓇ 2% was given to patients with cardiovascular and arthritic conditions.

Now two new fundamental studies about the antibacterial and the neuroprotective effects of HidroxⓇ have been published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and AgroFOOD Industry HiTech, two preeminent peer reviewed journals. The first study, by researchers at the USDA Regional Field Office, in Albany, California, has established the efficacy of HidroxⓇ in inactivating E. coli and reducing the formation of carcinogenic amines in cooked beef patties. The second research study, a collaboration with scientists at The Parkinso's Institute in Sunnyvale, CA., CreAgri has confirmed the efficacy of Hidrox® in inhibiting cytokine production in a Parkinson’s cell based model of neuroinflammation.

“Scientific research with Hidrox®) has registered positive results in the first quarter of 2012,” declares Dr. Roberto Crea, CreAgriⓇ’s CEO, and CSO. “Research and development on the applications with olive polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol are not only CreagriⓇ’s bread and butter, but are also an imperative for companies striving to create safe and healthy consumer products that have proven and verifiable efficacy.”

HIDROX® is CreAgri's proprietary hydroxytyrosol-rich formulation of olive polyphenols produced from the juice of organic olives, and scientifically recognized for its anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties. HIDROX® is the first hydroxytyrosol formula with GRAS certification. HIDROX® is also certified organic, Kosher and Halal, and is protected by the largest number of US and international patents and applications.

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CreAgri Inc., a California company, is the inventor and developer of HIDROX®. Its goal is to promote health and wellness by creating superior natural products that strike a Creative Balance Between Nature and Technology®. The company develops science-based processes that are environmentally friendly and compatible with sustainable agricultural methods.
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