Imperial Systems Innovates with Safety Spark Detection and Quench System for Cmaxx Dust and Fume Cartridge Collector

Jackson Center, PA, May 04, 2012 --( Imperial Systems, Inc., a full-service dust collection and air pollution control equipment manufacturer and installation specialist, is now offering GreCon spark detection and extinguishment technology with its CMAXX line of dust and fume cartridge collector systems. “We are definitely responding to a trend shift with this preventive safety technology,” states Jeremiah Wann, President and CEO. “Aggressive risk management initiatives are justifying investment in this safety technology for all industries that need to meet NFPA 654 guidelines,” he continues.

Capable of full integration into a CMAXX dust collection system, and located prior to the collector, the GreCon equipment is a high-tech inferred system. It will detect a spark or fire at any given location in a processing system after shredding or grinding machinery, for example- including conveyors, chutes, and ductwork. “When a spark is detected by the sensors, the system uses atomized water nozzles to quench these fire hazards ‘on the move’,” Wann says. The GreCon operates during material processing, and in most cases, achieves the safety benefits of effective detection and extinguishment without requiring costly and time-consuming system shut-down, clean-out, and re-start.

For challenging processing environments, utilizing the innovative GreCon safety technology is another added-value systems option with Imperial System’s low-profile CMAXX Dust and Fume Cartridge Collectors. The CMAXX is designed with patented PD Technology to maximize cleaning performance, and extend filter life for a wide range of applications. By eliminating the negative-pressure “dead zone” associated with standard pulse systems, the CMAXX delivers 100% total pulse distribution across the filter media. Energy-efficiency and superior cleaning power are achieved by deploying Goyn GoCo cone nozzles in proximity to filter media, and manifold-mounted pulse valves.

In response to customer demands, the CMAXX also features 10% more filter media, with 20% more area around the filters, than typical vertical cartridge collectors. This innovation enables more dust to drop into the hopper before attaching to the filters. The result is enhanced filter life, and lower operational costs. Optimizing the system, DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters offer the advantages of advanced nanofiber technology, MERV15 filtration, reduced pulse cleaning, and longer filter life.

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