Virtual Assistant Networking Association Hosts June 21 Teleseminar on Intellectual Property for Small Business Owners

Small business attorney Nina Kaufman, Esq., to talk with Virtual Assistants and small business owners on what they can do to protect their valuable intellectual capital

Tacoma, WA, June 06, 2007 --( Soloprenuership is on the rise. In particular, the growth of women-owned businesses has exploded over the past two decades--and these companies tend not to have employees (approx. 75%) and tend to be service-based (over 50%). Each one of them is a potential intellectual property incubator, creating valuable intellectual capital for its clients and itself in the course of any given day.

But protecting the valuable contributions they make is often a source of confusion and woe for many small businesses. Educating solo service professionals, like Virtual Assistants, how to identify the legal issues that they face so that they can protect themselves economically has been a calling for Nina Kaufman, a small business attorney, edutainer, and entreprenuer. And given the fast pace at which information flies in the Digital Age, forethought and intellectual property planning is absolutely necessary.

On June 21, Nina will be presenting a teleseminar on this topic to the Virtual Assistant community. Sponsored by the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, this teleclass will help Virtual Assistants and other solo professionals identify the "brainchildren" that need protecting and the steps they can take to do so.

A few of the scenarios that will be covered include:

What's the difference between a copyright, a trademark, and a domain name?
Can I get a trademark once I have a domain name? And what if someone tries to get a trademark using my business name?
What if my articles appear on someone else's website (or blog) without permission?
Who owns the program that I collaborated on with someone else?
Can I use ideas in my business that I generated for a client?

This teleseminar is open to all Virtual Assistants and solo professionals. Register today to reserve your spot.

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What: "You'd Protect a Human Child--Why Not a Brain-Child? Intellectual Property for Solopreneurs"

Speaker: Nina Kaufman, Esq., of Wise Counsel Press

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time: 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: Free

To Register:

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