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Blackberry Security: Experts Warn Enterprises About the Risks of Poor Planning and Implementation, Offer Solutions and Free Research White Paper

Informatica announces the first ever professional services lineup for organizations dependent on a Blackberry infrastructure. Unique new services offer risk mitigation and business continuity through network infrastructure integration validation, risk and compliance assessments, BES server and managed hosting audits.

Toronto, Canada, June 08, 2007 --( Toronto-based information risk management firm Informatica Corporation has introduced a new service lineup aimed at organizations that make extensive use of Blackberry connectivity. The pervasive technology, showcased in all walks of life by the presence of RIM’s ubiquitous handheld has become an essential part of business. Organizations are increasingly running the risk of service and communications disruptions, security and privacy breaches due to poor planning, implementation and management of their Blackberry infrastructure.

Informatica has introduced a series of services ranging from implementation reviews, risk assessments and strategic planning to network connectivity, third-party agreements and disaster recovery planning solutions. Informatica president and Chief Security Officer Claudiu Popa said: “The goal of the new service line called - FlexSecure BB - is to bring the Blackberry’s risk posture in line with the rest of the business continuity efforts within the enterprise. Without a sound communications infrastructure, a business continuity strategy can be completely ineffective.” FlexSecure is the company’s line of information risk consulting services, including FlexSecure Verify risk assessments and security project management.

Free Informatica Research White Paper

In the past 24 months, organizations have witnessed and experienced Blackberry outages that showcased their dependence on the technology and the importance of proper planning and implementation. Informatica Research, a division of Informatica Security Corporation has published the most complete introduction to Blackberry enterprise information risk available to date. The document is freely available from the company’s Security Library.

Organizations wishing to use the document internally, for strategic direction and planning are welcome to do so. Informatica’s Security Associate, Andrew Seto recommends a top-down approach to Blackberry infrastructure, BES and policy planning: “To create a structure that is both dependable and efficient, there is no substitute for expert design and proper integration within the existing network infrastructure and 3rd party service provider space”. Informatica’s service page is directly available along with BlackBerry BlackOut: Protective Best Practices Against Disruptions of a Pervasive Communications Technology Infrastructure With a Potential Global Economic Impact.

World-class information security assessments and compliance audits

The FlexSecure Verify family of recurring audits and assessments is the only service line based on 15 years of diverse best practices and industry standards-based business assessments, product testing and policy audits. As Informatica’s flagship service, Verify helps dozens of organizations protect themselves and their client base each year, with a methodology designed to uphold industry standards such as ISO17799, SysTrust, PIPEDA, Sarbanes-Oxley or any government threat and risk assessment (TRA) processes. Each engagement is complemented by an accurate report on the security posture of products, networks, systems, Web sites and/or applications.

FlexSecure Verify is the combined work of certified Informatica professionals and best-of-breed technology. Three types of Verify engagements meet the needs of today’s organizations: internal security audits, external vulnerability assessments and Verify for Business, which includes business process reviews, policy and procedures analysis and Verify DR for data retention. For more detailed information on FlexSecure Verify’s website as listed below.

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Toronto-based Informatica Corporation is Canada’s information security consulting leader. Over the past 18 years, Informatica has provided consulting, analysis, implementation and training solutions to SME and enterprise clients in diverse sectors and world regions. Informatica clients include financial organizations, government, non-profit organizations, services, manufacturing and health organizations.

The Informatica group of companies offers diversified security solutions including best-of-breed commercial products, research and analysis, strategy and implementation, corporate training and security awareness certification for all corporate employees.

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