Solar Innovations, Inc. Debuts Revamped Website

Pine Grove, PA, June 04, 2012 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; greenhouses; conservatories; sunrooms; pool enclosures; curtain walls; walkways; canopies; and skylights; debuts its revamped website to its customers.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s website has grown significantly in recent months. New sections were added and many existing pages have been expanded to highlight updated information. In recent months a “digital remodeling” of the site’s glazing, greenhouse accessories, and alternative energy sections has taken place. Now, customers seeking information on active and passive energy solutions can browse easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing pages. New information and illustrations were created to engage customers, allowing the website to hold their attention for longer periods of time.

Because Solar Innovations, Inc. is a specialty fenestration company, an increased emphasis was placed glazing information via its webpage. In the past, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s glazing options were summarized on a single “General Glazing” page. Customers can now browse its “High Performance Glazing” section, consisting of 8 pages with in depth information. Each available glazing option is explained in detail with visual aids (such as charts and graphs) provided to further enhance the customer’s experience.

The “Our Conservatory” and “Our Greenhouses” sections were recently added to allow potential customers an intimate view inside Solar Innovations, Inc.’s structures. Customers can follow a visual timeline of its greenhouses and conservatories (attached to their corporate office and manufacturing facility) as they evolve each month. In-house greenhouse experts and conservatory designers provide updates as changes take place and provide seasonal photographs to accompany the updates. These pages act as visual representations of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s level of expertise as greenhouse and conservatory experts. Not only does the company manufacture glazed structures, employees gain an uncanny understanding of products by reaping their benefits and being involved in their daily functions.

Potential customers can navigate the twelve featured applications and draw inspiration from these projects. The “Project Videos” page has also recently been added to provide customers a centralized location to view videos of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products in action. Located in the “Solar Edge” section, this page will eliminate the need to search through various pages to locate a desired product video. The page is broken up into easy to navigate sections that stream quickly via Youtube. Solar Innovations, Inc. is dedicated to the constant evolution of its website and providing an excellent customer experience. To submit any suggestions or questions, please contact the marketing department at and the team will work to correct the issue.

More information on specific projects can be found on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s website with a feature highlight for each of the product lines. For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s product lines or are interested in receiving an updated brochure, please contact the marketing department at or call 800-618-0669.
Solar Innovations, Inc.
Melissa Reinhart