Wright Scoop Urges Rebuild Your Eco Life

In honor of June as ‘Rebuild Your Life’ month, the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright, recipient of the ‘Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic’ award and founder of Plants of CARE program urges all to ‘rebuild their life’, become people who CARE –enable Conservation, Accountability, Recovery and Eco-efficiency’.

Richmond, VA, June 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- From the rain forests of south-east Alaska to the deciduous forests of the Mid-Atlantic region, across the Nation, climatic shifts occur. “Challenging,” says Glen Allen, VA based The Wright Scoop –Sylvia Hoehns Wright, recipient of the ‘Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic’ award sponsored by Hines Horticulture, Project Evergreen and Today’s Garden Center magazine and founder of the Plants of CARE program, “all to ‘rebuild their eco life’ - create sustainable urban suburban landscapes.”

Rebuild Your Eco Life –
Historically, earth-friendly strategies were defined in terms of reduce, reuse and recycle but landscapes that reflect a perspective of CARE - conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency - take this definition a step further. “Eco-sustainable spaces,” says Wright, “are not simply a result of lifestyle choices but reflect how we feel about the environment. While keeping it simple (as in simple living) is the name of the game, there is a more important underlying factor – a commitment to ultimate greening: providing for the present without sacrificing the future.”

Landscapes of CARE -
Whether experienced landscape professionals or novice homeowners, Wright’s advocacy challenges all to not simple identify plants that survive but thrive; and then, create landscapes from a sustainable point of view, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint as well as feed their families pesticide free produce. “For,” says Wright, “any style landscape should not simply reflect traditional design concepts but be a result of the right plant, installed in the right place at the right (optimal) planting season - creating a legacy of green, healthier urban/suburban communities. The challenge is to create landscapes from a “waste not, and want not” eco logical commitment: become caretakers for the environmental community.”

As a hands-on landscape gardener and eco advocate who has participate in nation-wide regional plant testing, Wright gained familiarity with plant production programs. In the spring of 2012, she announced her Plants of CARE program challenging all to ‘rebuild their eco lives’, become people who CARE – have a perspective of conservation, advocacy, recovery and eco-efficiency.

About Wright –
A graduate of the Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute program, the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright offers one-on-one consulting, speeches and workshops and has published a series of eco books. For details, link to web site www.TheWrightScoop.com or contact Sylvia@TheWrightScoop.com or follow her activities through facebook group The Wright Scoop or twitter ID WrightScoop.

In honor of June as ‘Rebuild Your Life’ month, Wright challenges all to become people who CARE: commit to conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency.

Side-bar: Tips for Creating Landscapes of CARE
• Hitch hike onto seasonal cycles.
• Conduct a site analysis.
• Develop a master landscape plan.
• Create bio-diverse landscapes (blend of native and non-native plants).
• Be water wise.
• Create layered tree/shrub shelter.
• Enable ‘critter’ and ‘people’ habitats.
• Create a garden of CARE, a space that reflects a naturalist ‘waste not and want not’ perspective.
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