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Basis Technology and TEMIS Join to Deliver Multilingual Text Mining Solutions

Firms to develop customized solutions in unstructured data management for commercial and government markets.

Cambridge, MA, November 18, 2005 --( Basis Technology (, a leader in solutions for multilingual computing and information retrieval, and TEMIS (, a leader in text mining enterprise solutions, announced a new business alliance today. The objective is mutual technology integration and the development of innovative new multilingual text mining applications for government and commercial markets.

The integration of TEMIS’ Insight Discovererä solutions for European languages and Basis Technology’s Rosette™ language analysis system for Asian and Middle Eastern languages will allow users to extract meaningful intelligence from unstructured data. The companies’ multilingual text mining applications will allow organizations to identify, group, and classify unstructured documents based on relevancy, similarity, and combined statistical and linguistic analysis.

“Global companies need to mine their vast text collections documents, CRM systems, email collections, etc. if they are to understand their customers and their business as well as avoid compliance risks,” commented Sue Feldman, IDC’s Vice-President for Content Technologies. “Therefore it is no surprise that we see growing demand in both commercial and government markets for text mining solutions that can discover valuable information within large volumes of multilingual data.  By joining forces, TEMIS and Basis Technology create a strong solution that enables companies that must plumb the depths of content in multiple languages to both understand it and analyze it. This market is growing rapidly at over 25% per year and it will continue to do so.”

This integration has also strengthened Basis Technology’s language coverage, adding 16 additional European languages to its Rosette® Linguistics Platform. In addition, TEMIS has added Asian and Arabic languages to both XeLDA® and Insight Discovererä Extractor. These language enhancements will greatly benefit their respective existing clients and will also create new geographic opportunities for both companies.

Basis Technology will use its expertise in linguistics products to ensure technical assistance, support, maintenance, and further development of TEMIS text mining products for TEMIS’s North-American customers. At the end of 2004, after four years of successful growth in Europe, TEMIS opened a sales office in response to the sustained demand in the market.

“We are very excited about this new partnership”, said Charles Huot, COO of TEMIS. “This alliance brings great value to our customers who frequently ask for new, innovative solutions and more language support. There are excellent operational and technical synergies between the two companies. It is also an important step forward in establishing our presence in the U.S where we see traction and an increasing demand for our solutions.”

Basis Technology and TEMIS plan to collaborate in the future on text mining solutions for vertical markets such as life sciences, financial, legal discovery, and CRM. The companies also plan to develop opportunities in the Japanese text mining market.

Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology, said, "This partnership creates tremendous opportunity to build text mining solutions for new markets and provides excellent benefits for our existing client base. Our combined expertise will enable us to further develop text mining capabilities and produce innovative technology designed to extract more information from unstructured data.”

About Basis Technology

Basis Technology provides software solutions for multilingual text mining and information retrieval applications.  The company’s Rosette® Linguistics Platform is a suite of high-performance, highly reliable, interoperable software components designed for applications that analyze and process all the world’s languages.

Top-tier software vendors, content providers, and multilingual enterprises rely on Basis Technology’s solutions for Unicode compliance, language identification, multilingual search, normalization, transliteration, and entity extraction.  Clients include industry leaders Cisco, Convera, Endeca, Google, Hewlett Packard, L.L Bean, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, Symantec, Verity and Yahoo. Customers in the defense and intelligence industry include BBN, CACI, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Northrop Grumman, and SAIC, as well as US, , and Japanese government agencies.

Company headquarters are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with branch offices in San Francisco, California; Herndon, Virginia; and Tokyo, Japan.


TEMIS develops and markets software solutions for Text Mining, which optimizes the use of information by extracting documents’ key concepts and their meanings, for automatic classification and the discovery of new factual relationships and associations.  TEMIS products play a critical role in fields where information processing is complex due to the great volume of data, such as Competitive Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Scientific Intelligence and Human Resources, and these products provide substantial productivity gains.  TEMIS software provides superior results from Text Mining, due to its advanced linguistic engine and the use of customizable, domain-specific Skill Cartridges™.

The company was created in September 2000 and currently has subsidiaries or offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, and partners throughout the world.  From the very start, TEMIS' innovative technology has attracted major Corporations (Bertelsmann, EADS CRC, Alcatel, France Télécom, TIM-Telecom Italia Mobile, EDF, Documentum, IBM, IPSEN, LION bioscience, MDL Elsevier, Novartis, DaimlerChrysler, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, Total, etc.). TEMIS has gained the trust of major financial partners as Crédit Agricole Private Equity and ACE Management own shares in the company.  In July 2003, TEMIS acquired Xerox Corporation's linguistic product operation, consisting of a team of 9 people and both XeLDA® and XTS software products.

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