I Wouldn't Eat That If I Were You - Restaurant Secrets Revealed welcomes Restaurant Secrets to its growing family of advice columns. What goes on behind the scenes? What does it take to run your favorite eatery. Restaurant Secrets columnist Anna knows.

Boston, MA, November 25, 2005 --( welcomes Restaurant Secrets to its growing family of advice columns.

What goes on behind the scenes? What does it take to run your favorite eatery? Restaurant Secrets columnist Anna knows. She's owned a restaurant and held every job from server to head chef. Anna has managed all aspects of the business including accounting, vendor relations, and staff supervision. She's also a licensed bartender with a story or two of her own to tell. From fellow business owners who want some tips and tricks to fans of TV's The Restaurant and best-seller turned sitcom Kitchen Confidential, here's your chance to ask everything you've ever wanted to know about the restaurant industry.

Anna has been in the restaurant business her entire life. She literally grew up in her family’s restaurant, in which she learned the ins and outs of running all aspects of the business. Not one to just sit back and take things in stride, Anna took on more and more responsibility as she got older. She introduced menu specials, a radical idea to her traditional parents. “They had a more of that ‘build it and they will come’ attitude, while I was thinking more along the lines of marketing and watching the competition,” Anna explains.

Through the years, Anna has truly seen it all. “One time we had these really fancy and costly ceramic drink mugs that were disappearing. I would clear a table after the diners left and find that there were less mugs than I had served them. I couldn’t believe it. People were actually stealing them from the tables! The first time I thought it would be an isolated incident. Boy, was I wrong.” Anna finally put an end to it one day when a party of six made off with five of their six mugs. “I went to clear the table and realized the mugs were gone. The people didn’t even have the decency to leave an extra tip. As I stood there thinking that was several hours of profits that had just walked out the door, something just snapped. I actually chased them outside to the parking lot and caught them as they were about to drive away.” So did she recover the mugs? Anna winks, “Oh yeah, I got all five mugs back!"

Writer Matthew W. Grant, founder of, says, “Anna is awesome. She could have a career as a private chef to a millionaire if she wanted to. Anna is a beautiful, smart, and talented businesswoman in addition to being a great person. Years ago when I was unemployed and had gone to her restaurant after a job interview, she refused to let me pay for my meal even though the cost would come out of her tips. Now that is a person from whom all businesspeople can learn something valuable and I am happy to launch her Restaurant Secrets column with her.”

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