Blooga Prepares to Make a Splash on

Cape Coral, FL, June 22, 2012 --( The BlooEarth team has searched high and low for a mascot to represent their company. Why a mascot? Simple. It not only benefits the company, but it benefits the members as well. A mascot symbolizes what the company stands for and acts as a guide to help users navigate through the site. Besides, who doesn’t love a friendly character that arrives on the scene making a splash?

Searching for a mascot was not an easy task until the team realized the answer was right in front of their eyes. Join BlooEarth in welcoming Blooga the whale to their team. Blooga will be making an online debut soon and hopes to see BlooEarth members there. He’ll be on site to answer any member questions and looks forward to meeting his fans. serves as your virtual concierge that is available 24/7. To access the extensive business directory or to become a registered member with options for advanced features, please visit
Megan Basinait