BioSphere Blazes a Path Through the Plastic Industry with Their Truly Affordable Cutting Edge Biodegradable Plastic Additive Technology

BioSphere has launched a new additive that is head and shoulders over the competition in both technological development and pricing.

Portland, IL, July 04, 2012 --( President Rob Huegli explains the development, "We believe that our technologies can, and should remain cost effective to the entire marketplace enabling all manufacturers and partners alike to be able to manufacture their products with cutting edge biodegradable technology. For this reason we have embarked on this journey to research and produce a competitive product offering within the biodegradable additive space and are now offering our New BioSphere additive at a competitive price and with versatility that our competitors simply do not offer in this space."

BioSphere is truly unique not only in the way they enhance the biodegradation of plastic, but also the cost effectiveness of their offering. Most, if not all of the additives in the market range from $9-$60 USD per kg with the load rate ranging from .5%-3% depending on the resin type. Biosphere's additive sits between $7-12 a kg depending on order quantities, with a load rate of 1%. BioSphere’s new biodegradable additive technology is in high demand in regions such as the UAE, Mexico, Ghana and the Philippines with these countries current bans on non-biodegradable plastics. BioSphere is seeking distribution arms within all countries except the USA and Canada for their new biodegradable plastic additive. The Company believes they not only have the best enhancement of biodegradation for plastic in the marketplace today, but also the best product prices available.

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BioSphere Biodegradable Additive LLP
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