Anna's House, LLC

Unique and Successful Approach to Treat Learning and Behavior Disorders

Denver, CO, November 22, 2005 --( Anna Buck, owner of Anna's House, LLC (, near Denver, Colorado recently provided a free workshop for parents and teachers "Recognizing Possible Signs of a Dysfunctional Central Nervous System" at Vitamin Cottage in Lafayette, Colorado.  She will be providing another free lecture for parents and teachers on December 8, 2005 at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Westminster, Colorado, 7:00 p.m.  Anna finds many parents searching for answers to their children's difficulties rather than blindly accepting diagosed disorders.  

The lecture covers material such as general developmental functioning of the central nervous system and how it affects learning and behavior.  She provides pictures and academic examples of changes in children who are in or have completed her program.

Parents are saying they observe happier children who have greater self-control, improved balance and coordination, increased muscle tone and better posture.  They are more communicative, have better listening skills and improved speech and language skills, and are able to work independently.  Academically, these children have significantly higher standardized Math scores, improved writing skills and advance several months up to three years in Reading in just a few short months.  

Anna's House  currently provides complete child assessments at no charge.  Anna's reason for this is simple: "I was a searching parent with a struggling daughter.  No one was able to help me find answers for my daughter's Dyslexia, until I spent the time and money doing my own research and finding the answers on my own.  I want to help parents understand what might be happening with their children and then it's up to them to take the necessary action."  Anna's House LLC asks parents to request a questionnaire, which they complete and return.  This provides an historical background of the child from Anna can prepare for and set an appointment for an assessment.

Anna's House, LLC
Anna R Buck