Announces New Internet Marketing Partner Self Defense-Protection-Safety Seminars has hired a new internet marketing partner

Birmingham Metro, AL, November 22, 2005 --( a Seminar instruction company on Safety - Protection and Self-Defense has joined in a business promotion partnership with will handle our internet marketing for our seminar business, said "Keith Cash", principle of Now-Buy is a young upstart marketing company that is hungry for clients, specializing in internet promotion and search engine marketing for their clients business or product. 60-80% of's seminars requests come from the internet.

Self Defense-Protection-Safety seminars offers practical self-defense courses in both women-only, children-only and co-ed formats. We also offer self-defense courses and seminars in other formats at other locations if sponsored by a school, community organization, or business.

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About Must Count Martial Arts

Must Count is a leading professional self-defense seminar company. Our Seminar instruction includes self-defense, personal protection and personal safety. Self Defense training is taken from ancient combat techniques that have been proven on the field of battle and modern principles of street protection.

Safety seminars for women, families, corporate, schools, and businesses. Other offerings include Personal Safety & Training, Attack Training, Physical Self Defense skills, Kidnapping Prevention, and Child Safety.

Keith Cash-5th Degree black belt - Certified Professional Instructor since 1990 and a Self-Defense seminar instructor teaching protection and safety nationwide. Private lessons also available in karate and kendo in central Alabama.

Contact: Sensei Cash - Self-Defense Protection Safety Seminars
Alabama USA
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Keith Cash
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