Get Ready for Back-to-School and Work with Four Star General Cleaning

Be ready for vacations from school and work to end soon; Four Star General Cleaning is offering a 10% discount on all new monthly accounts in the month of August.

New York, NY, August 01, 2012 --( August is just around the corner, a time when many people and families take vacations before heading back to work and school. With many schools standing empty and offices running with fewer personnel, the month of August is the perfect time to bring in a professional cleaning team to get ready to start the new school year or business term off on the right foot.

Keeping one's school or business environment clean is beneficial not only to one's health, but to overall effectiveness and productivity. A messy classroom or office produces germs and bacteria, engenders distractions, and generally discourages students from learning and potential clients from doing business.

There are many bacteria hot spots in schools and office buildings including desks, door handles and computer keyboards. These hot spots need to be regularly cleaned, as do all surfaces and floors in the building to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. It is vital to make sure restrooms are regularly cleaned and fully equipped soap, hand sanitizer, and an effective hand drying system to encourage students and employees to practice good hygiene. Cleanliness helps control air quality and prevents absenteeism by students, faculty and employees.

To help schools and offices prepare for the return of students and employees, Four Star General Cleaning will take off 10% from all new monthly accounts in the month of August. Four Star understands the importance and advantages of having clean and healthy school and work environments. Four Star offers green cleaning services, using environmentally friendly products and equipment in keeping the premises shiny and neat. The well-trained, professional teams make sure to get rid of dirt, dust, toxic chemicals and other harmful stimulants that can cause sickness and allergic reactions.

Four Star General Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that has provided personalized and quality cleaning services for over 20 years in the New York Tri-state area. The company offers all manner of school and office cleaning, as well as janitorial services including floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. To learn more about Four Star's services and green cleaning practices and to get a free quote, contact Four Star General Cleaning at or call 212-741-9400 today.

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