New Hampshire BNI Chapter Achieves Milestone with 54th Member

The BNI Wolf Pack chapter in Manchester becomes the largest BNI networking group in the state.

Manchester, NH, August 02, 2012 --( The BNI Wolf Pack chapter reached a huge milestone for the New Hampshire organization, by adding it’s 54th member, making it the largest BNI chapter in the state. BNI, the world’s largest international networking organization has more than 145,200 members worldwide and 880 members in its New Hampshire franchise. Unlike many other networking groups, BNI provides its members with a professional structure and an on-going training system, allowing only one person per profession in a chapter, therefore eliminating the competition.

Over the past three years the BNI Wolf Pack has grown by 37 new members and is currently on pace to generate over $1.6 million through referrals in 2012. Each week these professionals come together to pass referrals, speak about their business and educate other members on how to find them referrals. This group is represented by 54 different professions and includes a Realtor, Financial Planner, Plumber, Electrician, Employment Agency, Landscape Designer, Handyman, Computer Repairman etc, all working together to find and exchange business.

The BNI Wolf Pack will be considered for the prestigious Hall of Fame Chapter award which is presented by BNI headquarters to chapters that have more than 50 members for a sustained period of time.

“This is a huge milestone for the New Hampshire franchise of BNI,” said Tim Roberts, Executive Director for BNI New Hampshire, Maine and Western Massachusetts. “Becoming a BNI Hall of Fame chapter is a major accomplishment and we are thrilled that the BNI Wolf Pack is up for consideration. Not only will the chapter be recognized as one of the top chapters in the world, but they have a success team of over 50 individual business owners and sales professionals working together and helping one another, which is a very powerful thing.”

Started in 2007, the BNI Wolf Pack previously chartered themselves as the Granite State Money Makers and was formed by professionals of New Hampshire businesses looking to grow their sales through word-of-mouth marketing. The growth and success of the chapter lies in the dedication of its members that continuously strive to build relationships and live the BNI motto of Givers Gain ®, by giving business to others you will get business in return.

The average BNI chapter size in New Hampshire is 26 members. In 2011, members passed 25,835 referrals and the average member took home $21,156 amount in referral money.

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Lindsay Roberts