Apollo Safety Warns Owners/Users of GFP Swivel Snaphook to Read Inspection Notification to Save Lives and Prevent Injury

Guardian Fall Protection has discovered that a small number of swivel snaphooks manufactured by them have found to be defective. Apollo Safety takes the safety and protection of its customers and potential customers seriously.

Fall River, MA, August 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Apollo Safety is passing onto its customers and anyone who has purchased a Guardian Fall Protection (GFP) specific swivel snaphook models after GFP was made aware of a non-injury incident in which the swivel snaphook experienced a failure. The failure was discovered during an initial inspection of the equipment performed by a user. This is a potentially dangerous condition affecting GFP swivel snaphook model 01825-HS or swivel indicating snaphook model 01826-HS. These products were supplied to GFP between August 26, 2011 and June 25, 2012. GFP has issued an inspection notification of the following parts manufactured between the above dates:
MK EDGE Series, YELLOW JACKET Series, DAYTONA Series, 3-WAY RESCUE RETRIEVAL Series, AARDVARK Series, EDGE Series 20 ft. – 30 ft. lengths, ROPE LIFELINE part number 01131 6 dual leg shock rope lanyard with polyplus rope with aluminum rebar hooks and high strength swivel snaphook, and custom parts manufactured after August 26, 2012 with swivel snaphooks.

If you own and/or use one of these products, GFP has developed an inspection process to determine if your product is defective. The faulty snaphooks are either gold or silver plated, are marked with the Guardian “G” logo, are marked with model numbers 01825-HS or 01826-HS and feature the nut and swage design. Visit www.guardianfall.com/inspection-notifications immediately to view the photos of the faulty products to compare to your own and for a detailed inspection process.

After the inspection process, if you find you own and/or use one of the defective products, remove the product from service immediately and contact GFP customer service at (800) 446-6385 to be assigned a unique RQC – return number. GFP will provide shipping instructions for returning products and coordinating replacements for units that have the defective swivel snaphooks, and replace the product and cover the freight costs. If you have any questions regarding this inspection process call (800) 466-6385 for assistance.

Apollo Safety takes the safety and lives of its customers seriously. If you would like to be updated directly as soon as a safety or gas detection product recall occur call Apollo Safety at (800) 831-5408 or email shelly@apollosafey.com, tracy@apollosafety.com, or john@apollosafety.com to sign up to be on the safety recall watch list for immediate email notifications when safety or gas detection products are affected by recalls or inspection notifications.

Apollo Safety is the leading safety and technical services equipment provider in New England and serving by courier across the United States and internationally. A veteran-owned small business by John and Tracy Carvalho, Apollo Safety is a trusted safety provider, carrying a full line of quality products and tools needed for work in hazardous environments.
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Myra Klingler