New, Stiffer, Sandwich Panel Now Has 3 Layers of Structural Skins

Livermore, CA, August 10, 2012 --( ACP Composites, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality, lightweight composite panels, has just announced the introduction of their new 3 Ply Sandwich Panels. These new 3 layer Sandwich Panels offer increased strength properties without losing the light weight features that sandwich panels offer.

ACP Composites focuses on supplying the most advanced composite panel solutions. The process of sandwiching a core material between layers of structural composite skins results in a panel with greater strength properties than those of the skins alone. By increasing skin thickness, the stiffness of the sandwich panel increases without substantially increasing weight of the panel. “Adding stiffness to a structure is becoming a more frequent requirement for our customers,” says George Sparr, President of ACP Composites. “With this new line of 3 Ply Panels, we are offering customers an innovative product which meets the stiffness to weight ratio demands that they are looking for.”

ACP Composites continuously works to provide customers with innovative solutions that deliver high performing composite panels at an affordable price. They specialize in the fabrication of sandwich panels using Nomex Honeycomb, End Grain Balsa, and foam cores in sizes up to 5’ x 10’, in any range of thicknesses, with an assortment of edge closeouts and insert options. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, ACP Composites can offer customized panel solutions which include variations in fiber selection, core material, surface finish and material layup. Sandwich panels are manufactured and stocked to standard dimensions with materials of carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid. For customer convenience and availability, all stock products are sold in various cut sizes with no minimum purchase required.

About ACP Composites Inc.
ACP Composites Inc. is a custom composites manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in producing composite panels, laminates, tubes, solid rods, and formed composites for a variety of industries. ACP Composites Inc. is a women-owned small business that is known globally for its high quality composites and is synonymous with quality and affordability. Since 1985, we have been providing innovative composite solutions to our customers. While we are dedicated to delivering quality products, we are just as dedicated to building and maintaining lasting customer relationships. We do this by insuring the information we provide is accurate and by constantly researching new products and pricing to stay competitive.

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