Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, Speaker, Trainer, and CEO of Goals in Action, LLC Leading Goal Getter Group for Business Owners and Managers in DC

Goal Getter Group in Washington DC led by Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, makes meeting business goals and objectives job one. Winning businesses meet goals with certainty. Too many goals hinder performance; a strategic approach is needed when setting goals and objectives.

Washington, DC, August 14, 2012 --( Goals and objectives are on the agenda in the DC-based Goal Getter Group led by Donna Marie Thompson, PhD -- speaker, trainer, show host, and CEO of Goals in Action, LLC. When meeting goals makes all of the difference, business owners and managers gather to share what's working now. As old tools fade and become ineffective, more powerful new tools for goal setting, goal tracking, and performance management have come to the fore.

Setting goals is just the beginning. Dr. Thompson shares new insights into goal vetting: how to screen out unimportant goals. "You can meet every goal every time. Yes, it is possible with thorough planning, rigorous goal setting, and strategic goal vetting. Most business run into trouble because they have too many goals that have degenerated into long, trivial to-do lists. These are not goals," explained Dr. Thompson.

Effective goal setting practices are exchanged among the members of the Goal Getter Group. "In today's competitive marketplace, businesses need to meet a few strategic goals and focus, focus, focus. The Goal Getter Group is a modality to keep business owners and managers up to date, get feedback, and share successes," remarked Dr. Thompson.

The Goal Getter Group is a Meet Up that convenes monthly to tap the wisdom, power, and energy of the local business community near DC. The next meeting is August 30th at 7pm in Chevy Chase, MD.

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Donna Marie Thompson has earned an MBA, CPA, and a PhD in International Business. She was a Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting before founding Goals in Action.
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