Abyss Program Management Has Published a Presentation Addressing the Issues That Repeatedly Cause Projects to Fail. Is It the Same Red Project, "Deja Vue All Over Again?"

Dallas, TX, August 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Looking at troubled/red projects, Abyss Program Management would like to pose the question: “Aren’t these all variations of the same project?” Is it deja vue all over again? Everyone has all heard the terrible statics about project failures, that 2/3 of projects fail, in some way, to meet expectations with cost overruns, schedule slippages, and projects that are canceled all together. After decades of looking at troubled/red projects, Abyss Program Managemen sees the same problems over and over again. They usually aren’t technical issues. They are people issues: governance, communication, scope, sponsorship…etc. They are project management fundamentals have slipped through their fingers. Not just one or two of the fundamentals but in numerous areas and it is the same areas again and again.

So if it is fundamentals, why does it keep happening? Abyss Program Management has put together a short presentation on these issues and will be following that up with a series of articles on the problem areas identified in this presentation.

This presentation as well as the articles to follow is available to download for free at: http://abysspm.com/abysspm-article-downloads/view-category.html

About the authors:

Dave Berry, PMP: Managing Director
Mr. Berry is an Information Technology & Program Management Executive experienced in consulting management, operations and troubled program recovery. During Mr. Berry's career, he has analyzed situations, identified problems, proposed alternatives, and resolved situations for international companies in diverse industries. Mr. Berry has a unique ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities for organizational change and operational improvement.

Luciano Mascari, PMP: Managing Director
Mr. Mascari is a management consulting and program management executive experienced in leading global cross-functional teams and organizations through the seas of change. Mr. Mascari is a strategic and systems thinker experienced in leading product, system development, application deployments and organizational transformation efforts across diverse industries. Mr. Mascari is well respected for his integrity and dedication to delivering what he promises.

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