London Gold and Commodities Exchange Commences Trading Empowerment with the Next Generation Automated Trading

In its effort to empower and enhance the trading capabilities of the traders and investors, London Gold and Commodities Exchange, has launched the so called Next Generation in Automated and online trading via a newest and sophisticated trading platform –Strategy Trader.

London, United Kingdom, August 15, 2012 --( The new trading platform which is designed to empower traders’ trading capacities, is an exclusive free, all-in-one online foreign exchange trading solution that helps active clients to program and systematize strategies, execute advanced back-tests, manage full-detailed analysis and execute trades using a single trading platform.

With the current trend in trading, automated trading has been immensely growing and became popular due to its undeniable trading advantages. For some, automated trading can emotionally eliminate the sensitive factor of decision making attached to the conventional trading. It also offers traders the freedom from regular monitoring of the markets in their efforts to seize trading opportunities while permitting them to execute trades 24 hours a day.

In a recent press statement, Mr. Mark Toulson, London Gold and Commodities Exchange Managing Director for Trading Strategy Division, said that he firmly believes that London Gold and Commodities Exchange latest trading platform is the most advanced trading infrastructure available in today’s market. “Having historical and systematic data, advanced trading analytics, and integrated trade execution in one package offered for free makes this a unique value proposition for the active trader,” said Mr. Toulson.

Combining them flawlessly together with the firm’s FOREX trade execution system, the new trading platform removes the needs for trading software bridges and external application interface. The eradication of software connection may result in more efficient and faster execution of traders than other automated trading platforms that rely more on additional software connectivity. The firm’s Strategy Trader trading platform also provides tick-by-tick price updates, offering more substantial price data than other trading platforms that provide minute-by-minute price updates. This substantial platform’s features can spectacularly increase the number of prospective trading opportunities since there are frequent multiple ticks per minute.

In addition, the new trading platform provides active customers with nearly 500,000 bars of historical data and the capability to back-test utilizing both ask and bid prices. It also offers full and easy access to more than 40 exceptional performance reports, giving the investors the opportunity to expand their knowledge on their chosen strategies and experience in the real market situations. The same trading platform also provides traders access to thorough, inherent and walk forward customizable trading tools, allowing traders to instantly and rapidly get the finest strategy restrictions and settings according to past trading performance.

Why trade with London Gold and Commodities Exchange latest trading platform? Here are some simplified advantages of using Strategy Trader platform. First and foremost, this new trading platform is offered for free for all FOREX account holders of LGCEX. This platform directly puts all orders via foreign exchange serves of the firm as well as put trades on tick data. It also offers more than a hundred of pre-loaded indicators designed with more comprehensive, inherent and customizable trading tools.
Kevin Alden