RK Agency Launches DNA, Paternity and Drug Testing for Granbury and Its Surrounding Counties

There are a variety of reasons that this new service will benefit those who may be dealing with the following: Child Support/Custody case, Court Ordered, Adoption, Immigration.

Fort Worth, TX, August 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- For those with questions about how this trusted service will benefit them, here's the how it works:

DNA paternity testing determines the biological make up of a child. Everyone inherits their DNA from their biological parents — half from the mother, and half from the father. A DNA paternity test compares a child's DNA pattern with that of an "alleged father" to determine if there is a match. When performed correctly in an experienced laboratory, it's the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

What happens and how long does the test take?

On the day of the appointment, clients will be required to bring the following: Legal photo identification (e.g. drivers license or passport) and Social Insurance Card or other identification.

Using sterile swabs the trained collector will take cell samples from the inside cheek from the mother, father, and child. The collected samples are then sent to a certified laboratory where the samples are run through a process where DNA markers are established. By identifying the DNA profile, the lab can then see if there are enough similarities between the child and the father in order to establish clear paternity.

The turnaround time for legal DNA paternity testing is 3 to 5 working days.

What about Chain of Custody and Identification?

RK Agency follows strict identification procedures during the time of the appointment to ensure full court admissibility.

A picture of the participant is taken during sample collection, however clients should be aware that the identification procedures are different depending on whether the results are required in court.

RK Agency maintains a strict-chain-of-custody procedure to ensure that the identity of all patients can be verified and are a mandatory criteria for court acceptance. The procedure also allows different members to attend appointments at different times or even in different cities. Immediately after sample collection, the integrity of the specimen is maintained and sent to the laboratory for processing.


Detailed results are sent to the individual requesting the DNA test unless otherwise requested. For immigration cases, an official copy can be delivered directly to the embassy.

The results of the test are of 0% means the alleged father is not the biological father; a result of 99.99% or higher means the alleged father is the biological father. The CPI value represents the odds against another random, untested male in the population having the same results as the tested man.

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