AbyssPM Published an Article on Vision Capacity; Your Ability to Leverage Innovative Leadership

Vision Capacity is your ability to leverage its innovative leadership to envision the evolving future, from tactical to strategic, for meaningful beneficial change.

Dallas, TX, August 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Is your Vision Capacity next quarter, next year, or the next great thing?

Is your Vision Capacity 20/20?

Vision is the ability to see the invisible that others can’t see and before others see it. Every organization has a certain Vision Capacity. Vision Capacity can help your organization address issues, threats, opportunities and initiatives ranging from tactical to strategic in nature. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in organizations have the ability to look only so far into the future with any degree of accuracy. To go beyond is to “drive faster than the range of your headlights.” The business road may turn sharply before a cliff, there may be a pedestrian crossing in use by your staff with no time to brake, or your GPS may suddenly start “recalibrating” as the business world changes, but you can’t adjust because your momentum has carried you past the decision point. Going beyond the range of your organization’s Vision Capacity has another name…guessing.

Ideally you move at the rate of your organization’s Vision Capacity. Your organization should be able to perceive, absorb and understand this rate of change. Experiencing and understanding this sort of visionary change is also likely to build your organization’s Vision Capacity. It may not greatly extend range, but it will likely extend the participation. The broader the participation, the better your organization will be able to handle both the volume and the pace of change. This in itself becomes a competitive advantage. Utilizing your organization’s Vision Capacity to drive the rate of change means utilizing incremental approaches to organizational restructuring, process change and system development and deployment. Change becomes incremental and continuous at the rate of your Vision Capacity.

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Dave Berry, PMP: Managing Director

Dave is an Information Technology & Program Management Executive experienced in consulting management, operations and troubled program recovery. During his career, he has analyzed situations, identified problems, proposed alternatives, and resolved situations for international companies in diverse industries. He has a unique ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities for organizational change and operational improvement.

Luciano Mascari, PMP: Managing Director

Luciano is a management consulting and program management executive experienced in leading global cross-functional teams and organizations through the seas of change. He is a strategic and systems thinker experienced in leading product, system development, application deployments and organizational transformation efforts across diverse industries. He is well respected for his integrity and dedication to delivering what he promises.

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