LocalPassing.com Plans Expansion

Providence, RI, August 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The most comprehensive and timely Death Notice Listings in the Greater Providence area plans national expansion.

CEO Michael Robinson explains, “The mission of Localpassing.com is to address the very real problem of affordable public death notification. Recently the cost of placing an obituary in the newspaper has risen to an average of one thousand dollars. Our work in the Greater Providence area has been providing affordable Death Notices since 2010 and we intend to expand our model, eventually nationwide. No longer will the most vulnerable among us be shut out of the ability to announce the death of a loved one, the matter has stirred a passion in me, and defines the mission of Localpassion.com; A family should never pay more than $80.00 to announce the death of a loved one.”

Mr. Robinson has noted that when he explains the problem to folks they immediately ask “how they can help,” and the power of the internet is the solution. Localpassing.com has turned to indiegogo.com as a fund raising tool to get the message out and finance the coming expansion.

On the indiegogo.com site Mr. Robinson is interviewed by an internet media outlet, this notable exchange drove the message home; “How did this experience lead to Localpassing.com?”

“From 2002 when my brother passed, to 2010 when my mother passed the cost of publishing an obituary in our local paper had risen from about $70.00 to about $800.00. I have been told recently that this has increased to $1,000.00. It is not unheard of for the cost of publishing an obituary to exceed $2000.00. You could say that I became am an educated obituary consumer who felt there had to be a better way.”

Localpassing.com is taking advantage state of the art internet technology to serve the bereaved please support them at Indiegogo.com.

Michael Robinson is granting interviews to print and media outlets. Please email at MRobinson@LocaLPassing.com or Visit us at www.LocaLPassing.com.
Michael Robinson