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Don't Get Your Knickers In a Twist

A Great Read for Those willing to renew their minds. This ebook directs one to seek the good out of every negative situation...

Santa Rosa, CA, November 27, 2005 --( It’s here! The book that we all need. The title may be eye catching, to some even funny, but engulfed between these pages, is wisdom that we could all use to tide us through moments that we are not in control of our lives. "Don’t get your knickers in a twist" is an old English cliché , Although some may argue that it originated from Australia, it means don’t get yourself all worked up (Upset) over things, which is the reaction most of us take when we are faced with adversity.

We all know that life can throw us a curve ball, but when we are faced with these moments, there are two ways that you can handle things. Do we look deeper into it and find the diamond in the rough, by finding the good that may come out of it or do we get our knickers in a twist ? Given the option, some people have learnt to seek the good, and through their renewed way of thinking, have discovered, breakthrough in the midst of adversity.

The e-book above is written to help you realize that not all adversities are meant to bring you negative emotions, but faced with the right attitude, of faith, they could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Our minds and attitudes have much to do with the way we perceive things. The beauty of life is that we can renew our minds if we choose to. After all, isn’t it true that there is a silver lining on every cloud? But how we get to the point in our lives when we apply this principal of faith, is really up to our attitude, tried, things can look a lot brighter. Remember, whether the solution that we expect comes in the package we were hoping for or not, life is really out of our control and getting your Knickers in a twist will only make it worse.

Essie, the author of this book, has compiled a number of scenarios that may cause us to react negatively and encourages us to seek deeper than the adversity. Some of these examples are eg retrenchment, illness, delays, road rage only to name a few. She has taken her own experiences as well as that of others that she has known to make us realize that not all that comes our way is meant to bring us down. Keep in mind things that may seem like problems in your life could actually help springboard you to another level of a better one.

This book not only offers hope, but allows us to have a new perspective of things, through our change of thinking. This book can be purchased at

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