A New Answer for Work Life Balance

Will Marre and ThoughtRocket Studio launch a new webinar that teaches how to leave the stress of work life balance behind and ignite daily passion for life through work life harmony.

Encinitas, CA, August 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- ThoughtRocket Studio, an online learning center focused on work life balance, is launching a new webinar called “Work Life Harmony: Eliminate Stress and Love Your Life.” The webinar will be presented by Will Marre, renowned speaker and work life balance expert.

Marre’s over 30 years experience with senior level, global executives has taught him one important thing—work life balance is a myth. According to Marre, the more we strive to maintain work life balance, the more we kill what we’re striving for. It is simply too stressful to try to balance our lives through self-discipline and scheduling in a digital age.

The goal, Marre asserts, is not work life balance. The goal is work life harmony, an equilibrium of passion for work, love, and play. Marre contends, “If we are only intrinsically motivated by one dimension of our lives we can quickly get out of harmony and jeopardize other things we value.” He continues, “Developing three passions that excite your fully focused attention when you engage in them is the secret. The force of each passion keeps the others in harmony.”

The problem, according to Marre, is in today’s stressful world we are too busy and too tired to cultivate our true passions. We distract ourselves with work and instead of pursuing hobbies and relationships we love, we numb ourselves with TV and shopping. In fact, according to Marre’s research, less than 20% have a hobby or personal interest they love.

Beth Ruland, a young entrepreneur commenting on Marre’s training said, “It changed my life and made me reevaluate myself and learn about what kinds of things I really want to do that make me excited.”

To register for the webinar, “Work Life Harmony: Eliminate Stress and Love Your Life,” which will air on August 23, 2012 with a replay on August 26, 2012 visit www.thoughtrocket.com today. Learn how to create passionate enthusiasm for work, love, and play and, as Marre says, “create a life worth loving.”

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