Des Moines Residents and Businesses Getting Green Document Shredding Done Today

Marble Falls, TX, August 26, 2012 --( Documents and personal papers serve as a way that thieves today can commit identity theft against private citizens, but businesses also serve as major targets by those who steal paperwork to use for frauds they plan to commit. Security is crucial and those in Des Moines know this, and are now looking to a brand new source of quality Des Moines shredding services. By taking advantage of these high security services where they can even get documented proof that their documents have been properly destroyed, businesses and residents alike are able to make sure any information that could be used against them is no longer available for criminals to take advantage of. In addition, they are permitted to watch the documents be destroyed so that they can be their own witness of the process, gaining peace of mind in the process. This level of confidentiality is very important in today's world and not all companies are willing to offer it in the Des Moines area. For businesses, the advantage is that there is no load too large or small so they do not have to worry about waiting for weeks to have everything shredded. In fact, they can have regular pickups of paperwork and media they need properly destroyed.

Greenstar Shredding is the number one provider of shredding services in Des Moines today and has made a name for itself by providing the most comprehensive level of service in the state. With a fully transparent process that lets their customers know exactly how their documents are transported, if those services are needed, as well as all of the details on each shredding project, Greenstar Shredding leads the way in protecting the privacy of individuals and businesses. Right now, the company is offering not just free shredding for new businesses, it has an offer of $10 for those who need residential shredding, as well. This attention to detail and caring for the customers it serves is what has helped Greenstar Shredding become the most trusted name for shredding in the state of Iowa today.

Those looking to learn more about Greenstar Shredding right now should visit where they can learn about the many benefits the company has to offer. In addition, they can call 1-515-265-1208 to speak with a representative in the Des Moines area who can answer their questions.

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