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Two Component, Fast Curing, Cryogenic, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Adhesive

Supreme 11F is a two component system for demanding industrial applications featuring high shear and high peel strength, superior electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance. It bonds well to metals, ceramics, wood, glass and plastics. Solidification occurs in 5-7 minutes after mixing.

Hackensack, NJ, January 09, 2006 --( Master Bond Inc. has introduced a new tough, fast curing structural adhesive for demanding industrial applications. Called Supreme 11F this two component system has a one to one non critical mix ratio by weight or volume. Solidification occurs in as little as 5-7 minutes after mixing. Full cure is achieved in 4-5 hours. For ease of application Supreme 11F can be applied with a special gun applicator, flexible divider pouches or plastic double barrel syringes with disposable static mixers.

Master Bond Supreme 11F has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, wood, glass and most plastics and rubbers. Unlike many other fast curing adhesives it has high peel strength, outstanding impact strength and superior resistance to vibration and shock.. Supreme 11F has superior electrical insulation properties and remarkable chemical resistance. Service operating temperature range is -100°F to +250°F. It is formulated to provide long term dimensional stability.

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Master Bond Inc. a leading manufacturer of advanced, state-of-the-art, industrial adhesives, sealants and coatings featuring high performance bonding, potting, encapsulation and underfill applications. Master Bond has developed a wide range of products for use in the electronic, medical, optical, aerospace and automotive applications, offering conformal coatings, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives and high temperature and chemically resistant compounds.

The Master Bond product line already offers over 3,000 different grades. If a compound is not available in our vast product line to meet your requirements Master Bond Inc. will promptly formulate one. This may include the redesign of an existing product or the development of a new composition. Successful product reformulation and development encompass enhanced resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, shock and vibration as well as specific desired mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Also viscosities and cure schedules can be adjusted for maximum productivity.

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