London Gold and Commodities Exchange Announces Availability of User Friendly Online Forex Options Trading Platform for Hedge Funds Traders

London Gold and Commodities Exchange, has announced today the launching of a new user-friendly electronic forex options trading platform exclusively designed for hedge funds traders. However, the new online trading platform will only be offered to new traders with new hedge fund accounts.

London, United Kingdom, September 01, 2012 --( “In our efforts of providing the most innovative forex trading platforms and related technology to both retail and professional traders, we are glad to offer our latest and real-time electronic forex options trading platform for our hedge funds traders,” said Mr. Sean Stuart, the Managing Director of London Gold and Commodities Exchange. “If you choose our new online forex trading platform, you will experience the uniqueness of our new trading platform incomparable to other trading platforms offered by other brokerage firms.

“The new electronic forex options trading platform designed for hedge funds managers and investors is also recognized for its capability of providing vanilla forex options rather than exotic options provided by other brokerage firms with forex products offerings. Most of our active clients are investing on foreign exchange products and most of them have the ability to buy and sell puts and calls standards. Also, they normally not so interested in being clenched into particular exotic options strategies such as barrier options. “Forex options for key currencies have superior liquidity that let them enter the market long or short, or exit the market as considered necessary,” said Mr. Sean Stuart.

Potential foreign exchange products clients can benefit from the London Gold and Commodities Exchange free demonstration account utilizing the newly improved forex trading platform with full support from its trading desk that offers round the clock unmatched customer trading service as well as brokerage service to both individual and institutional clients around the globe.
Kevin Alden