Bridgestone Global Partners Empowers Trading Individuals via Enhanced Online Trading Service

Bridgestone Global Partners, a global leading commodity futures firm with access to major international markets has launched today its newly improved online trading service that tolerates its clients to be involved in the actual market trading transactions without bargaining in safety and quality of service.

London, United Kingdom, September 04, 2012 --( The newly enhanced online trading service is expected to empower trading individuals regardless of their risk capital, level of trading experience and knowledge in the process of commodity futures trading.

The new electronic trading service charges traders and investors for as low as $9 per trade. This new service provides every trader an access to a variety of useful information and trading tools which are normally available only to professional traders and market makers. This additional service makes the newly enhance online trading service a unique and exceptional one. Furthermore, clients can choose to customize the trading execution of their trades.

Bridgestone Global Partners has innovative electronic trading software which provides all types of traders with access to highly developed risk management programs and sophisticated trading tools, which also features exceptional trailing stop-works like an intelligent and active stop loss order.

To explain further about the trading process using the newly enhanced electronic trading service, Mr. James McFarland, the Managing Director of Bridgestone Global Partners, cited an example: “For instance, you buy a stock at $25 and want your risk to limit at a 50 cent loss, instead of putting a stop order at $24.50, you can put a trailing stop of 50 cents. If the stock falls by 50 cents, automatically, the order to sell is sent. However, if your stock improves to $30, automatically, your trailing stops will be reset to $29.50. If the stock begins to drop from $30 level, the market order to sell is sent instinctively especially when the price arrives at $29.50. Therefore, your profit is maintained even you do not personally supervising your trades.”

Bridgestone Global Partners’ new online trading service is expected to enhance the profitability of its investors trading investments as it provides extended trading services such as the wealth of information. With millions of capital investment under the management of the firm, it also accepts services on retirement and other commodity brokerage related services.
David Jones