Off The Grid Living Radio Show Adresses Dying

Blog Talk Radio show to air hot topic program entitled Avoiding Suffering In Our Final Days - Off-Grid Solutions.

Fort Myers, FL, September 13, 2012 --( Robin Speronis, host of Blog Talk Radio's show, Robin Speronis Off Grid Living, knows all too well the battles that need to be fought to keep a loved one at home, off of mind altering drugs, and content in their last days of life - she lived it. Speronis home deathed her husband, Xenophon "Zenny" Speronis, in 2010. Prior to his death, Robin Speronis also kept her husband out of the health care system that makes dying a lot harder then it has to be, more painful then it has to be and definitly more expensive then it has to be. Avoiding Suffering In Our Final Days - Off Grid Solutions, will be the hot topic for Speronis' radio show Saturday September 15, 2012. The radio show will air at 10 am eastern time. Listeners may dial-in at 323-843-6066 or access the show on the web as well as past archived, on-demand shows at

Robin Speronis is the owner of Florida corporation Off The Grid Living, Inc. Besides her radio show, she also has a blog, Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida: One Woman's Story, aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom, Speronis does speaking and consulting work.
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