New Blog Post Addresses Evil, Freedom, Powerful Health and Colloidal Silver

Off The Grid Living in Southwest Florida: One Woman's Story publishes blog post entitled 5 Ways To Use Colloidal Silver Off-Grid to Create Powerful Health

Fort Myers, FL, September 21, 2012 --( Robin Speronis, producer of the blog Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida: One Woman's Story, aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom,, publishes a blog post entitled 5 Ways To Use Colloidal Silver Off-Grid To Create Powerful Health. Speronis added the 5 Ways series to her blog to focus awareness of living "on-grid" problems and offer some "off-grid" solutions.

In the colloidal silver blog, Speronis chronicles 5 ways that she uses her own generated micro-particle colloidal silver everyday to create powerful health and to noncooperate with the conventional medical system which Speronis believes is evil.

Robin Speronis is the owner of Florida corporation Off The Grid Living, Inc. Besides her blog, she also host Blog Talk Radio's show Off The Grid Living,

Speronis does writing, speaking and consulting work.
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