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Young Woman’s Scoliosis Chronicle Tells of Strength Through Adversity

A new book tells the story of a young woman's life - She has learnt some valuable lessons and become a stronger person from dealing with serious curvature of the spine known as Scoliosis.

Melbourne, Australia, November 29, 2005 --( The abnormal curvature of the spine known as Scoliosis can occur on a small scale, or it can occur on a painful, very frustrating and life-limiting large scale.

A new novel from Smink Works Books tells the story of one young woman’s life and her experiences dealing with severe Scoliosis. Diagnosed while living in under-resourced Eastern Europe, she is encased in a plastic “bucket”, migrates to Australia and eventually has a titanium rod inserted in her back.

This quirky, revealing semi-autobiographical novel is peppered with author-invented quotes about life - dealing with Scoliosis has meant she's learnt some valuable lessons and become a stronger person - but she's not about to admit that out loud. After all, it might sound schmaltzy.

Smink Works Books publisher Suzanne Male says the novel is relevant to all severe-pain sufferers. “The story is a lesson in learning from your experiences. Kremena has learnt some valuable life lessons that some people never learn,” she says. “She’s successfully turned a physically life-limiting condition into life enhancement.”

Sex, Scars & a Superheroine with Scoliosis - out in e-book format on December 1, 2005.

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