Paragon Kiln Factory Expands Production with a CNC Router

Paragon Industries, a kiln manufacturer in Mesquite, Texas, is expanding their factory. They are adding a 20,000-square-foot steel building behind the main factory and have installed a third CNC routing machine. The router cuts heating element grooves into firebrick lids and walls.

Mesquite, TX, October 27, 2012 --( Paragon Industries, L.P., the kiln manufacturer, has just added a third CNC computer-controlled firebrick router to their factory in Mesquite, Texas. The router cuts element grooves in pre-assembled and cemented kiln walls, roofs, and lids. The roofs and lids are used in glass fusing kilns; the walls are used in square front-loading ceramic, glass fusing, and heat treating kilns and furnaces.

A third CNC (computer numerical control) router is improving kiln production time. “Many years ago we grooved the firebrick lids of glass kilns by hand,” said John S. Hohenshelt, president of Paragon. “Our three CNC routers cut grooves much faster than we imagined possible in those days. The grooves are consistent and accurate.”

Because Paragon’s automated routers are controlled by computers, changing lid or wall sizes is fast. The main setup is merely a few key presses on a computer. This helps the factory to produce short, just-in-time production kiln runs.
Paragon Industries, L.P.
Arnold Howard