BMG India Announces Basic TRIZ Training in Mumbai

Using the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving to improve options of best solution, increase productivity in innovation efforts, reduce idea generation cycle-time and above all focusing on radical improvements besides incremental improvements.

Mumbai, India, July 15, 2007 --( TRIZ has recently gained popularity as a powerful business tool for enhancing innovation and creativity. TRIZ, which is the Russian acronym for the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving,” is a structured approach to managing innovation that puts a scientific process behind problem solving so individuals can generate more solutions of a higher quality, in less time.

Many Fortune 500 companies use TRIZ in everyday business to:

- Generate new ideas and solve problems faster
- Forecast technologies and track product evolution
- Build stronger patents and work around existing ones
- Maximize the potential for new product success
- Streamline the use of resources
- Improve understanding of customer requirements
- Save time and money when developing new products

TRIZ complements performance improvement programs because it focuses on finding innovative new solutions rather than fixing problems inherent in an existing process. TRIZ is especially useful for new product development teams and in operational environments, but can be used in just about every situation to accelerate and streamline innovation and problem solving.

BMG’s two-day Basic TRIZ program offers an intensive Course Length: introduction to the foundational elements of TRIZ. The curriculum covers the three basic tenets upon which TRIZ was built: the concept of the Ideal Final Result (IFR), which suggests that systems evolve to perfection; the use of resources to maximize effectiveness within a system; and the idea of contradiction elimination as the primary evolution driver. In the workshop, students gain an understanding of these primary tenets and how to use them to solve problems quickly and innovatively.

Inside the classroom, students learn the history of TRIZ and participate in discussions on the importance of innovation and creativity within organizations. They learn how typical idea-generating systems such as brainstorming lack consistency due to their emotional and psychological biases.

The basis of the class is to teach students how to use the empirically-based TRIZ methodology to generate new ideas in ways that are repeatable, reliable and predictable.

At a Glance:

Course Description:

2 consecutive days.
12th - 13th Sept 2007

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with a problem they have not satisfactorily resolved. Designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or in process-based problem solving.

Course Requirements:

A laptop computer and definition of problems for in-class use.

Key Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

- Explain TRIZ as a innovation methodology.
- Explain TRIZ as a problem-solving methodology.
- Explain TRIZ as a quick and best in class idea generation methodology.
- Define the Levels of Innovation and explain their importance.
- Understand and explain psychological inertia.
- Identify and define problems in terms of contradictions.
- Resolve contradictions using the Contradiction Matrix Theory, Separation Principles .
- Understand and practice a number of key TRIZ concepts such as:
- Zones of conflict
- System Constraints
- The Ideal Final Result & Ideality
- The Utilization of Resources

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