Oliver Wight Release New White Paper on Managing Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

Oliver Wight’s new white paper ‘Managing Vulnerabilities and Opportunities using Integrated Business Planning’ helps businesses prepare for the future, even in the most volatile market.

Melbourne, Australia, November 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The new white paper from business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, explains how businesses can effectively manage risk and contingency using Integrated Business Planning (advanced S&OP).

In the dynamic business environment of today, organisations need to have an effective tool for managing risk and contingency. Entitled ‘Managing Vulnerabilities and Opportunities using Integrated Business Planning’ this Oliver Wight white paper provides real-life examples of how accounting for vulnerabilities and opportunities within the monthly Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process can drive an organisation towards its business plan, even in the most volatile market.

Mike Reed, Managing Partner of Oliver Wight Asia Pacific and author of the white paper says organisations should support any plans with clear, documented assumptions, but he issues a note of caution. “Assumptions are just that. They are not definitive, but a prediction of the most likely outcome given a set of circumstances, so all assumptions have some degree of upside and downside. In order for an organisation to manage risk and contingencies, they must first recognise which assumptions carry a higher degree of uncertainty – the Vulnerabilities and Opportunities.

“Once they have been identified, the senior team can then work out a strategy for defending against vulnerabilities to secure the ‘bankables’, i.e. the numbers the team are accountable for; and exploiting opportunities (‘possibles’). Naturally, the more opportunities are converted in to ‘bankables’, the better.”

The white paper explains the importance of including scenario planning (‘what-ifs’) in the monthly IBP process, so the leadership team can focus on the business plan and strategic goals, address emerging gaps as soon as they occur and prepare for the future, whatever it holds.”

The white paper can be downloaded here: http://oliverwight-ap.com/en-GB/library-events/white-papers/m/product/view/41
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