Daimer Releases Combination Carpet Cleaners and Steam Cleaner Machines for Religious Institutions

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious facilities demand powerful carpet cleaning equipment and steam cleaner systems. The steam cleaner machines feature technologies that make the cleaning process fast and simple for inexperienced staff to work as effectively as carpet cleaner pros.

Woburn, MA, November 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the world-leader of U.S.A. manufactured, highly advanced carpet cleaners, including truck mount carpet cleaners and carpet steam cleaners, is now supplying among the most-powerful, high-capacity portable carpet machines in the company's line. The XTreme Power® XPH-9300 is excellent for cleaning large carpeted areas with ease within religious institutions. Carpets and upholstery tend to get dirty quickly, especially in light of the large volume of foot traffic on a regular basis.

"Many people attend religious institutions, and nearly 80% of the dirt found in such buildings is carried under people's shoes. Cleaning vast carpeted areas requires a more powerful steam cleaning system,” says Matthew Baratta, spokesman of Daimer Industries, Inc.®. “Daimer® is proud to announce the release of its XTreme Power® XPH-9300, a powerful 220 psi, low flow carpet cleaning equipment generating temperatures up to 210º F. An operator can clean areas up to radius of 2000 sq. ft. without moving the machine, due to the 25' long hoses that come with it. Daimer®'s carpet cleaners allow religious institutions to clean carpeting deeply, just like the professional contractors do now.

Statistics show that 1000 people entering a building can deposit more than 4.4 pounds of dirt. Nearly one square yard of commercial grade carpeting can gather one pound of dirt over a one week period and up to twice as much during rainy weather. If these carpeted areas are not cleaned regularly, the chances of mold development increase.

The XTreme Power® XPH-9300 carpet cleaning machines features exclusive technologies, such as a patented XTreme-XTraction™ wand technology, low flow functionality, and long hoses to make the cleaning process fast and effective for the user. The commercial carpet cleaners offer rapid drying times of up to two hours, since low flow technology transfers less water onto surfaces while powerful vacuums simultaneously extract residual moisture. Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment can release a considerable amount of water versus the XPH-9300 carpet shampooer.

The carpet cleaners create temperatures of up to 210º F within only five minutes, due to the presence of two powerful inline heating elements. Exclusive, adjustable temperature technology makes these carpet extractor machines http://www.daimer.com/commercial-carpet-extractors/ safe for use on different kinds of carpet fibers. The company suggests disabling heat when cleaning wool or other natural fiber carpets that can be negatively affected by heat.

The latest commercial carpet cleaners from Daimer® offer a 150 inch water column lift and 200 CFM of airflow, resulting in maximum cleaning power and minimum drying time. Reduced drying time means less chances of mold development, which can be much worse if humidity is high.

Daimer® carpet steam cleaners http://www.daimer.com/rug-steam-cleaners/ also feature the company's exclusive patented wand technology, offering top-of-line suction power and effective cleaning results. The carpet extractor wand, which provides 60% extra suction over and above any other wand, is equivalent to using another vacuum motor. The wand forms a constant seal on the carpet, while the self-adjusting head glides smoothly and effortlessly over the surface. The technology can make a totally inexperienced worker clean like a carpet cleaning professional in minutes.

Easy recovery chamber drainage is another feature that adds to its efficient cleaning capabilities. Releasing water is simple when using the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, since the water can be simply drained into a toilet or drain automatically in seconds.

For Additional Information:
Visit Daimer®'s website http://www.daimer.com/carpet-cleaning-machines/ to learn more about the XTreme Power® XPH-9300 or call Matthew Baratta directly at (888) 507-2220. The machines are shipped to most countries globally and can be configured for 110 -120 volt, 60 Hz as well as 220 -240 volt, 50 Hz.

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Daimer Industries, Inc.® is a global leading supplier of America-produced machines, such as truck mount carpet cleaners, floor cleaning equipment, carpet steam cleaner systems, steam vacuum cleaners, and much more. The company also supplies its exclusive, patented technologies for worldwide industries and applications.
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