Cirrus Research plc Introduce a 12 Year Warranty on All New Noise Measurement Instruments

Cirrus Research plc has introduced a new warranty for all new products from the 1st March 2007. This new warranty gives a standard 24 months with the option of extending this, at no additional cost, by a further 10 years giving a maximum of 12 years warranty cover. The warranty can be extended by 12 months when the instrument is calibrated and serviced either by Cirrus Research plc in the UK or by one of the Cirrus Authorised Service & Calibration Centres around the world.

Hunmanby, United Kingdom, July 20, 2007 --( ‘2 to 12’ is no longer simply a long work shift; it is the new warranty on all products manufactured by Cirrus Research plc. From March 2007, all Cirrus manufactured instruments will be sold with this new twelve-year warranty, reflecting the huge strides in reliability that the company has made.

In the last few years, huge improvements in manufacturing technology have given rise to a dramatic fall in failure rates, to the point where a 12-year warranty is now feasible. Typically sound level meter manufacturers only offer a 1-year warranty, with almost no competitor offering a standard warranty longer than 2 years. This new ‘2 -12’ year warranty will dramatically reduce the cost of ownership for many users; it is effectively a warranty for the operational life of the product.

Cirrus have been responsible for many new innovations in the noise measuring field - particularly in the computerisation of noise measurement - but now for the 21st century as techniques become more established, the company are focusing on user value for money and improved customer service.

Typically, 60% of Cirrus products are exported to over 50 countries and thus customer support in different languages has become a significant challenge. By improving quality and reliability, these support costs have been reduced to where such a long warranty is possible.

This year, IEC 61672 the new International standard for sound measuring equipment comes into force and among the provisions is a requirement for "Routine Verification" or what most people would call "Annual Calibration". This new provision is intended to make sure that sound level meters and noise dosemeters - the most common methods of estimating hearing damage, are routinely checked to make sure the measurements they make are correct.

Inaccurate noise measurements can either risk damaging worker's hearing or cause a company to spend money on noise control that is simply not needed when the true levels are already within the required limits. With the old standards, few users have these routine verification tests done and every survey has shown many users who have even precision instruments well out of calibration, making the readings they give inadmissible in many situations. By introducing such a long warranty period, the company expects that users will be encouraged to ensure their products are routinely verified and hence comply fully with current legislation for the life of the instrument.

A new European Directive has also been introduced in 2007 that aims to reduce the amount of product entering landfill sites. This new directive, the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE), puts the onus on producers to take responsibility for their products at the end of life. By lengthening their warranty period to 12 years, Cirrus feels that the resultant longer product life will alleviate the environmental problems of final disposal.

Unusually, the "2 to 12" warranty being offered by Cirrus also covers minor user damage. As an example, recent repair involved a user of the doseBadge noise dosemeter being run over by a pallet jack. The user, in the USA, had sent the product back to one of their authorised service centres who repaired the product free of charge – including replacing the entire outer casing.

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James Tingay