Businesses Look to Improvisation to Get Results

South Florida Native Helps Businesses through Improvisation

Miami, FL, July 20, 2007 --( What do you do if you have a staff that is unmotivated, ambivalent or just plain so disgruntled, that it’s like a cancer eating away at your profits, effectiveness and sanity? In this day and age, most companies look to corporate training or team building for answers, but many offer the same re-used methods for getting employees to just find a new way to gripe, or even worse to gripe as a group. A new South Florida corporate training and team building firm, Interactive Training Solutions, LLC is looking to change that by using improvisation to not just get a workforce to diagnose what their problems are, but to actually figure out how to solve them.

Interactive Training Solutions isn’t your normal corporate training outfit; the firm uses improvisation to get clients out of normal work patterns and roles, and gets them to have fun while learning. David Suarez, the firm’s President and CEO explains, “What makes Interactive Training Solutions brand of training so special is our methodology. We use the rules of improvisation to get clients to understand the situation they are in, and what they, and those they work with, want. It all starts with listening, which is the backbone of improvisation. If you listen then you have your client, customer or supervisor’s trust, and if you do that then you will get results.”

After working in the corporate world, television, higher education, and creating the Miami Improv Festival, South Florida native, David Suarez has his sights set on helping those in the business world with improv-based corporate training and team building. To do this he opened up the full-service corporate training firm Interactive Training Solutions, LLC. in May, which infuses improvisation with education.

Suarez came up with the idea while earning an MBA at Florida International University, and has been refining and leading workshops and teambuilding events for the successful improv comedy theatre company Just The Funny, with large corporate clients such as Taco Bell, Bayer CropScience (the agricultural division of the famous aspirin manufacturer), and Honeywell. “I have been facilitating customized corporate trainings for the past five years, and the feedback and business has been so good that opening Interactive was a natural progression,” Suarez says.

Interactive Training Solutions, LLC provides corporate training and team building specializing in interactive, improvisation-based workshops for organizations, individuals and higher education institutions. Focusing on customized corporate training, team building, executive coaching, public speaking and presentation skills workshops, Interactive Training Solutions employs innovative and creative strategies to address issues, needs and challenges facing companies and employees alike. More information about Interactive Training Solutions’ services and facilitators can be found at


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