Denver Garage Door Specialist Says Now is the Time to Winterize Homes and Prepare for Winter Cold

Trapper Searles, owner of Denver Garage Doctor says waiting for the bitterly cold weather to hit before preparing your home could prove more costly.

Denver, CO, January 06, 2013 --( As Denver residents and businesses brace for more winter cold, local garage door repair specialist Denver Garage Doctor ( says now is the time to winterize your home.

Trapper Searles, owner of Westminter, CO based garage door installation and service company said in his office earlier today that waiting for the New Year to begin before winterizing your home could prove to be a costly mistake.

“We are yet to experience our first snow storm this year but that does not mean it is not coming. We go through this every year so most residents and businesses know what to expect. This is the right time to winterize your home and ensure you are ready,” Searles said.

He added that waiting until the storm actually comes will make it more expensive and take much longer to receive services because by then, everyone is calling for the same services.

“It is always better to be prepared beforehand. Get your garage door inspected now for drafts and air leaks to protect your home from the chilling cold. That will not only save you money, it will prevent a lot of hassles for you and your family in the future,” Searles cautioned.

The garage door specialist urged home and business owners to consider upgrading to new insulated doors in the coming year to cut down on monthly utility bills and reduce garage door noises.

“I will urge them to consider installing a new insulated garage door. Insulated garage doors are worthwhile investments. They not only reduce and in some cases eliminate garage door noises during opening or closing, they help keep away drafts and cold air from entering the home,” Searles said.

The Denver garage door expert said insulated garage doors also has the added benefit of helping to lower utility bills all year round.

“For homes with attached garage doors, insulated garage doors will help lower utility bills all year round. In the summer, it helps keep the heat from coming into the home while helping to lock in the cold air. In the winter, it keeps the cold air outside while helping to keep the home warm,” Searles added.

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