IBM Partner and Z. H. TANK Produce Webinar on Leveraging BAO as a Tool for Management Enhancement

"Smarter" analytics are needed to enhance management in the new global marketplace and BAO strategies provide those tools.

Shanghai, China, December 15, 2012 --( The global marketplace demands that enterprises not just expand analytic capacities but that they make their analytics "smarter."

A part of its ongoing series providing business intelligence and experienced China market expertise, Z. H. TANK spoke at length with Philip Duan, the Greater China Group Business Analytics and Optimization Leader for IBM Global Services. During his address, Duan examined how business analytics optimization (BAO) can help businesses achieve competitive advantage using smarter analytics.

Duan's findings show that the most important obstacles facing enterprises today are not data gathering or financing, but management culture. Duan pointed out that the most common reason for not adopting data analysis -- identified by a full 38% of respondents -- is an overall lack of understanding about how to improve business analysis techniques. For those already engaged with analytics, Duan noted that there remains "ample opportunity to do more to realize the full advantages from analytics."

In one case study, Duan demonstrated how the ability to create competitive advantage using BAO surged dramatically in 12 months, impacting the bottom-line.

Correctly implemented, Duan said, BAO enables business owners to harness the vast stores of customer, market, financial and enterprise data and turn it into advanced insights.

In depth, Duan's Z. H. TANK webinar answers fundamental questions about exactly what business analytics insight is, its application in the global market, the two possible paths and a "competitive advantages roadmap." Duan also presented tested, effective information governance frameworks, tools and processes.

About Philip Duan:
An expert in information technology and services, Philip Duan serves as the Greater China Group Business Analytics and Optimization Leader for IBM Global Services. During his nearly two-decade tenure at IBM, Duan’s past experience included consulting practice in business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing and data mining. Philip Duan is now an IBM China partner and has obtained an EMBA degree from Fudan University-Washington University in St. Louis.

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