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Dry Skin, Cracked Heels, Calluses and Corns Become More Noticeable and Painful During the Summer Months; the Personal Pumi Bar from Teregen Provides Relief

The Personal Pumi Bar gently removes dry Skin, cracked heels, calluses and corns that develop and worsen on feet during the summer months.

Cleveland, OH, July 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Dry skin, cracked heels, calluses and corns are all examples of common and treatable summer foot problems and the direct result of favorite summertime activities. Enjoying what life has to offer in the summer, such as going to the beach, swimming and other increased recreational activities, while enjoyable at the time, can lead to painful and troublesome foot ailments. Although summer isn’t over yet, many people have noticed that their feet aren’t looking as fresh and attractive as when the season began. Walking around barefoot, and wearing uncomfortable sandals may seem at the time like no big deal, eventually worsen and the results are painful, unattractive and troublesome corns, and calluses.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, painful or embarrassing to remove corns, calluses and dry skin that develop on your feet and hands. Harsh foot files, rough pumice stones and dangerous razors are unsafe, and impractical. A gentle solution is The Personal Pumi Bar from Teregen Personal Products. The Personal Pumi Bar is a product Podiatric Physicians have used and recommended in their offices for years. The good news is, healthy and attractive feet are not just a luxury to be found in physician’s offices. The Personal Pumi Bar is available at www.teregen.com. Available in many convenient sizes and with its companion foot crème Soft Step Foot Crème, it is affordable, quick and easy to use.

In the summer months dry skin, cracked heels, calluses and corns become more noticeable and more painful. For more information on the Personal Pumi Bar or Soft Step Foot Crème, please visit www.teregen.com or call Teregen Personal Products at 1-800-848-0055.

Teregen Personal Products
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