Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Overcoming Inflatable Safety Concerns

Pacoima, CA, December 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Inflatables have been in the news over the past couple of weeks in an unfavorable light, citing an increase in injuries to children as a direct result of bounce houses. The story, featured on USA Today, cites an upward tick in these injuries from 702 in 1995 to over 11,000 in 2010.

What the story fails to mention is that the ever-increasing popularity of inflatables over the past decade may in fact be the reason behind this increase. That being said, one injury is too many and there are many precautions reputable inflatable businesses can do to keep participants safe and injury free.

This information and the press surrounding this story certainly does not bode favorable for the inflatable industry. Much of these unfavorable numbers are a direct result of irresponsible inflatable companies operating the equipment improperly. By adhering to the safety precautions required for operating inflatables, the number of injuries can be greatly reduced.

Another important factor in improving the safety of the inflatable industry is regulating businesses partaking in these services. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, at this time there are no nationally standardized inflatable regulations. This lack of a uniform governing legislature has resulted in many fly-by-night rental companies and inflatable manufacturers have been popping up.

Since inflatable regulations are currently deemed a local issue, each state is required to define and enforce laws surrounding their state’s inflatable operation. Many states do not have the resources to do this, and the safety checks and inspections that are necessary to ensure proper inflatable operation is being followed are not being executed.

As an inflatable manufacturer striving to produce only the safest products, Jungle Jumps has been pursuing this type of legislation with government officials for some time. This type of standardized laws will ensure that the proper safety protocol is being followed when using inflatables, regardless of what state the business is operating in.

This poses a very real threat to the commercial bounce house industry. It is critical that we work together to develop a consistency from each state regarding inflatable legislation, thereby reducing the number of injuries. By working together to achieve these types of regulations, our industry will thrive, weeding out the unsafe business practices that are tarnishing the reputation of bounce houses.

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Stephanie Baldwin