Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History Launching the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Clan Connections on CD

Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History is releasing Version 4 of his work, the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Clan connections, dealing mainly with the Macs of Glengarry County, in particular the MacDonalds over the past 200 years, their connection by marriage. There are a number of couples who married as second or third cousins. Which can assist in fine tuning the accuracy of the information, provided that this information can be deduced, found, as well as properly interpreted.

Courtenay, Canada, January 04, 2013 --( In the 1852 census of the principal clans in Glengarry County Ontario, out of a tentative population of 9957, 3228 were either MacDonalds or MacDonells, just under a third of that population. The nearest clans census were McMillan with 551; McDougald at 541; McRae at 456; McLeod at 437; Grant at 415.

Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History work on the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie & Fraser connections is releasing version 4, consisting of more than 20,000 entries with much documentation from local sources of Church Records baptisms, marriages, deaths, gravestone inscriptions, some census, some obituaries on later entries as well as additional references to works like Dictionary of Canadian Biography, or the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography by Royce MacGillivray.

This work deals mainly with the Macs of Glengarry County, in particular the MacDonalds over the past 200 years, their connection by marriage and descendants and where possible their ancestry as well.

This work is a result of years of collecting information and sorting that out.

"We are thrilled to make this announcement,” says Alex W. Fraser, on what started out as 'My MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie and Fraser Connections' which is the basis of this work. "This grows out from my mother, Grace MacDonald's, family of MacDonalds, MacDonells, Walsh's, McKinnon's as well as my father, Arlington Fraser's family of Frasers, Roell's, MacDonalds, MacDonells connections."

The number of different families listed in this work is about 1500. This can be checked at

“I believe this work is an excellent guideline, not the absolute unshakeable truth on a particular family,” say Alex W. Fraser. "Use it as a guideline & the perspective on the family of concern. Is it perfect, no! Will it be useful to the viewer, certainly, from a little to a lot. It will raise questions as well as provide answers. Is all this information accurate. That depends on how accurate the information was to begin with, whether that is in the church records, gravestone inscriptions or in obituaries or other stories that involve the person concerned. It is known from experience that ages of a person are very seldom constant or given accurately when census are taken death notices given. The extensive index for version 4 of the MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser Connections can be viewed here"

There are many cautions for obvious reasons to pay attention to. This comes about while dealing with families, marriages with similar names for bride & groom overlapping the same period. As a result some of these family automatically get mixed up.

The perspective of the viewer is unknown to the producer of this work and vice versa, regardless of what family information might be in this work. If it does not agree with that perspective, do not be bothered by that, as the viewer & producer are looking at similar family information from 2 different perspectives. Yes, it can be a concern, nevertheless with some due diligence, this guideline will assist the efforts of the clients using it. Glitches are part of this process in sorting out a family tree.

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Of United Empire Loyalist ancestry on both the Frasers & MacDonalds. Alex is married to Rhoda Westlake Ross. More about Alex W. Fraser Glengarry Books, Family History at and who in September 2011, celebrated their 40th anniversary of researching, doing family histories and the publishing of over 24,000 pages of material on Glengarry County Ontario and areas. This includes a number of family histories, church records, Gravestone inscriptions. To see our titles go to

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