Publicity Basics for Large and Small Industrial Manufacturers from Anderson Thermal Devices’ Marketing Department

Hawthorne, NJ, January 04, 2013 --( From nano-technology products to construction cranes, all industrial product manufacturers can benefit from publicity which helps meet both short term and long term marketing and sales goals. Getting into print or cyberspace help with “frequency”, which is the number of times a person must be exposed to a message before a response.

Clara O’Boyle has worked as a marketing and publicity coordinator for two process heating manufacturers over the last twenty years. An entrepreneur working in the field of graphic arts for branding asked her last week, “Is there any way I can leverage a press release in my favor?” Whether marketing an industrial heater, chemicals, automotive parts or a start up graphics company, the rules for your company’s publicity remain the same.

If you, like this entrepreneur are starting your publicity campaign from scratch, here are my recommended steps: 1. Collect email list of editors for local newspapers, business associations, and relevant trade journals. This is very easy to do because internet directories can point you to lists of publications and associations and they will all naturally list the email addresses for the editors. You can easily come up with 25 contacts easily.

Next, think of something to write about like: you have a new web site, you hired someone, a celebrity hired you, you manufactured a new design, you won an award, anniversary of your company, invention, new client, tip sheet etc. Then your marketing department writes the press release (3-5 paragraphs long) and takes some cool digital pictures. Discuss only one topic per press release.

Send it to the editor. Out of the 25, at least 2 will pick it up. Do this 6 times a year or more. It is likely that you will see results immediately in the form of phone inquiries or orders. Plus, it invaluably will help your SEO rankings.

Once established as an expert, the editors may approach you either for a story or to write an article— bringing you to a new level.

Company Profile: With replacement IR bulbs, standard products, custom products, engineering assistance and lab testing available, Anderson Thermal Devices, Inc. offers a variety of products and services in addition to infrared heaters. They serve serves the automotive and wire industries and all the markets in between needing infrared heating.

Since 1995, Anderson Thermal Devices has been a one stop shop for Excellence In Infrared Components™. They specialize in shortwave and medium wave infrared solutions for the process heating industry. The company serves manufacturers, OEMs, university research facilities, pharmaceutical and scientific laboratories worldwide.

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