Sentry Surveillance Releases RealEyes 11 Digital Video Recorder

Kennesaw, GA, January 09, 2013 --( Sentry Surveillance is pleased to announce the new 2013 RealEyes Digital Video Surveillance System. Building upon years of field testing and modern, best in industry practices; Sentry Surveillance designed a truly remarkable solution to fit their customers' needs. The 2013 RealEyes Network Video Recorder has all the great features that many have come to love over the years and several new ones. Customers can still view their system from an iPhone or Android phone and now the Sentry Surveillance RealEyes Digital Surveillance Recording Systems work with an iPad or other Android tablet devices. Sentry Surveillance has added features to the playback software, the web viewer, and added support for HD IP cameras. In addition Sentry Surveillance has improved overall system performance and reliability.

Sentry Surveillance only made minor tweaks to the way playback operates and added some really neat tools to help get the most out of this state of the art surveillance system. Sentry Surveillance streamlined the recording process and now even has tools available to burn a DVD for use on any DVD player. They've also added the ability to export a video direct to an AVI file so that video can easily be shared with anyone using email or even YouTube! Sentry surveillance changed the event list so that it now reports how long the events are. This makes weeding out the events that have little motion very easy and really reduces the amount of time you have to spend watching playback.

The web viewer software needed an overhaul and that is exactly what Sentry Surveillance delivered. The images now scale based on the size of the Internet Explorer window; you can resize the window and the images will scale with the new window size. The navigation bar will now persist even when changing pages and Sentry Surveillance added a link directly to their support site on the navigation bar should a customer run into any problems. Customers can still access audio, take snap shots, click a camera to full screen and even pop-out a window using the quick buttons located on the bar above each camera feed. Sentry Surveillance increased the streaming resolution for full screen viewing to full definition for greater clarity.

Sentry Surveillance now offers one and five MegaPixel HD IP cameras for use on their systems. When combined with their standard high resolution cameras they are able to customize a solution that fits every type of need and budget. In some situations, Sentry Surveillance can even replace several standard high resolution Sentry Surveillance cameras with a single HD IP camera and lower a customer's monthly payment!

With the addition of High Definition IP cameras, Sentry Surveillance had to upgrade the hardware to make all of this work. They've worked with Intel© and Microsoft© to create a rock solid platform to build their industry leading surveillance system. This latest iteration of the RealEyes Digital Video Recording System promises to be the most reliable, the most worry free, the easiest to use, experience ever!

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