eSnipe Defies Expectations, Runs "Best eBay Selling Tip" Contest

While is well-known as an "auction sniping" site, a survey of its incoming users show that no less than 30% would like to learn more about how to start an eBay business, a remarkable number considering eSnipe is devoted solely to assisting those buying on eBay. A brief mention in their popular (Six Seconds) newsletter resulted in a veritable avalanche of tips, ranging from straightforward to cleverness bordering on psychological warfare.

Bellevue, WA, January 27, 2013 --( Though known as an auction sniping specialist, has launched a contest for the best eBay selling tip after learning that 30% of its customers would like to learn how to start an eBay business. The prize is a vintage, New In Box iPod Shuffle-a modest prize that has nonetheless triggered massive response.

Contest for Free iPod Ends January 31
The contest is open only to registered eSnipe users, but registration is free and no purchase is required. The prize will be awarded to the seller tip deemed by eSnipe staff to be most helpful.

The contest's home page is a survey:
Free iPod Shuffle Generates Loads of Ingenious Replies

Some of the more interesting tips include:

* Low or no reserve bids consistently get better prices than high reserve bids

* One extremely accomplished seller jettisoned complicated disclaimers and legal notices, opting instead for quick and accommodating customer response. Results: 2900 feedback with a 100% positive rating

* Use eSnipe to buy when other many buyers are otherwise engaged or out of money i.e. January & February, or summer vacation months

The most compelling tips will be revealed at a later date.

CEO "Bowled Over" By Response to Contest Announcement, But "Plenty of Opportunity to Win"

"I was bowled over by the variety, ingenuity, and detail of the responses," says an amazed Tom Campbell, CEO of eSnipe. "I swear, some of them verge on psy ops," he quipped. "Some of them are very specific, clever ways to maximize profits and seem to employ fairly sophisticated game theory."

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