Frazer Consultants "Precious Boy" and "Precious Girl" Register Books

Specifically designed for the life celebrations for children, these two new personalized funeral register books come complete with their own coordinated keepsake boxes.

Waunakee, WI, January 29, 2013 --( Frazer Consultants a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the funeral industry unveiled two new funeral register books, the "Precious Boy" and "Precious Girl" series, designed specifically for children.

“These great new books add to our already amazing line of register books that include a bookshelf keepsake box,” said Matt Frazer, Consultant with Frazer Consultants. “The bookshelf keepsake box allows the family to stylishly display the book within the home or office.”

Frazer Consultant's new Life Journey Celebration Stationery has over 500 coordinating themes to assist your families in their life celebration. With the company’s new print-on-demand system, using blank-stock and our Tribute Center Software, funeral professional now able to provide their families with personalized funeral stationery that matches any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background.

“With the addition of the ‘Precious Boy’ and ‘Precious Girl’ series, parents will have a special, personalized funeral register book and keepsake box to memorialize their cherished child,” added Frazer.

Each theme includes a layout for a funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgement, book mark, sign, dvd packaging, and a candle. Frazer Consultant's Tribute Center Software stores all the themes electronically. A funeral home would simply inventory the blank stock and print-on-demand what they need, when they need it.

“The initial purpose of the funeral register having changed from a simple record of names, to a more complete memorial keepsake book, keepsake boxes to permanently store and protect these registers are needed,” stated Frazer. “A funeral register keepsake box can be coordinated to match the register book and all the other funeral stationery. A photograph of the person who passed away can be included on the cover of the box and presented to the family at the conclusion of the services.”

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