Santana Equipment Trading Company Hires Marketing Executive

Santana Equipment Trading Company hires Robert Walker as their new Marketing and PR Executive.

Chicago, IL, January 30, 2013 --( Santana Equipment Trading Company hired Robert Walker as their new Director of Marketing and PR. Bob has over 25 years of marketing and PR experience and has won many awards. The honors include “Manager of the Year” from SCO, “Partners in Progress” for best vendor marketing program from Sears, PPN magazine, “Editors Choice Award” for “Best New Product Launch” for Petcare Software and the National Business Marketing Association for “Best Marketing Campaign” for Informix Digital 360 product. Santana Equipment Trading Company is a premiere leader in the used material handling business. Bob will play a key management role in the overall future development and expansion of the company throughout the United States. Bob will also review locations to decide where Santana will open up new warehouses and offices in the future.

Santana Equipment Trading Company is continuing to increase business opportunities and just expanded their operations to Phoenix. As the company is evolving, the management team decided to bring in an experienced marketing and PR person like Bob to develop and create exciting new marketing programs. Within the past few months the Santana Equipment Trading Company has completely updated the company’s marketing plans and future promotions. The company’s business is growing and the marketing plans are already having a huge impact on the company’s sales. Also, Santana is receiving more press invitations for magazine articles and continues to promote their worldwide press campaign.

Eric Davidson, President and founder of Santana Equipment Trading Company, notes, “We have been looking for someone like Bob who can create a whole marketing campaign with little guidance.” Eric remarks, “I have never met a marketing colleague who has so many unique ideas. It is hard to keep up with his diverse palette of programs.” Santana Equipment Trading Company has already experienced rapid growth and expanding opportunities with the implementation of their social media marketing and press campaign. Eric also explains, “Bob has touched every phase of the business with his entrepreneurial style and it is really paying off for the company.” Santana Equipment Trading Company is poised for great success and Bob will be a strategic leader who will continue to develop new programs for the company.

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About Santana Equipment Trading Company
Santana Equipment Trading Company is an industry leader in the used material handling market. Santana primarily buys and sells used forklifts to wholesale and retail customers. Santana Equipment Trading Company is a privately held organization based out of the Chicago area.
Santana Equipment Trading Company
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