Local DFW Woman Calls Additives "Killers"; Creates Online Organic Community

DFW Organic Diva Mary Browning is fighting to help her community come together. Diagnosed with cancer back in 2011, Ms. Browning took her remission status to a whole new level. She created RockinMBB.com (Rockin My beautiful body). This website hosts organic reviews, has beginners cooking guides, forums to express yourself and learn more about the organic industry. She has a local grocery delivery service which she offers to the elderly free of charge.

McKinney, TX, January 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Mary Browning is known around town as the DFW Organic Diva. She recently blogged on her site about The World’s Worst Food Additives, which describes in detail about the top food additives to avoid at all costs. Some of these seemed surprising to readers who stated that they didn’t currently have an organic lifestyle and wanted to look into it further. Ms. Browning was contacted about this article to which she said she wrote it with the intention that not all people live an organic lifestyle, and that she only was encouraging people to pay attention to their food labels for their own safety.

“People should not have to live with the threat of cancer when most of it can be avoided,” said local Cancer Survivor, Chef and RockinMBB.com Owner, Mary Browning. Organic living was suggested to her by her doctor when she was struck suddenly with the news of cancer. It was suggested as a supplement to surgery, and was supposed to promote healing, as well as prevent the cancer from growing in the future. Living organically was at first a challenge for Ms. Browning, and now it has propelled her in the direction of helping others. Since her transition to eating organic food, along with the removal of the cancer, she has achieved remission status, and she wants to share her knowledge of organic cooking and living with everyone so that they too can lead disease-free lives.

“After I went to the doctor, I realized they were not able to prevent cancer, but can only do the cleanup afterwards. I realized that eating conventional food with all of the preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics was literally killing me. If I hadn’t eaten this food in the first place, I never would have had cancer. Our food is killing us!”, she said.

On her site, RockinMBB.com, she describes how others can help themselves, and offers a supportive community complete with forums, a local grocery delivery service, organic catering and meal delivery, a blog spot where she offers advice, and recipes she shares with others. She gives her followers, people she calls “Cheffeling™ Superstars” the ability to find local organic restaurants, and offers some Restaurant Reviews. She offers an online grocery shop, too, where she states “Free Delivery to the Elderly (60+), and Free Delivery to any Hospital, Rehab Center, or Senior Living Facility.” She also gives $5 off $50 purchases so that people don’t need to clip coupons. The site is a one stop shop for anyone living the organic lifestyle. She keeps her twitter feed full of interesting topics and noteworthy current organic news.

"Between fast food that has very little nutritional value and grocery stores that carry food with a myriad of preservatives, it’s no wonder that so many people are getting sick these days.” Ms. Browning relates in her newest cookbook, ”Just Because I Care, It Doesn’t Make Me A Hippie!” This book is an organic cooking guide for beginners to organic living. When questioned about the book, Mary Browning stated that she wrote it because when she first started cooking she didn’t like the products that were on the market. Having a five year background in Ingredients and Packaging from a fortune 500 company, Ms. Browning set out to create the best organic food anyone has ever had. The book sells on her website for $16.99. She also offers it at half price for download onto Kindle at Amazon.com, as well as on the Nook (Barnes & Noble) for environmental friendliness.
MBB, Inc.
Meredith L. Browning